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Vintage Beauties

                                     Vintage Beauties 

              There was such an untouchable sense of class, elegance and poise that seemed to exist anywhere previous to the early 60's. The way women carried themselves, with such dignity!

Nowadays, it's a normal thing to see women dressed in such a lack of clothing, the sight of mega-short shorts, skimpy T-shirts, and some of those beautiful dollar rubber flip-flops are a frequently seen "fashion statement" among today's society. It's not only the way people dress nowadays, however, it's also the way they act and talk that plays a huge part in the reflection of society! If I had a penny for every single time I've heard the f-word uttered from the lips of countless women (some with small children present), I'd be a millionaire!
              In fact, just the other day, some woman wearing a leopard print bikini had the guts to cuss me out because of my amateur driving skills (I won't lie, I'm not the best driver out there, strangely though, my sister and I both felt her to be in the wrong.). I don't know how many times she'd been apt to fit the f-word into that sentence... I don't think I even knew it was possible to fit so many cuss words into one sentence! I of course, just sat there and allowed her to just let out all of her anger. At that moment especially, however, I started to wonder where in the heck "lady-like" poise, dignity and class had gone. In fact, in my opinion... it's at the verge of becoming or has already become extinct!
            Now, to get back to the main point of this post, I'd like to wrap it up with some vintage inspired beauty tips as well as a list of my top 20 fashion icons (at least 90% from anywhere before the mid 60's). Enjoy!;)

I was beyond excited when I came across this Grace Kelly inspired lipstick look! It's entirely up to date, still subtly glamorous and classy though!

Below is also a link to a blog that covered a makeup tutorial on Audrey Hepburn. The guide manages to keep it natural yet breathtakingly elegant, like Audrey's own makeup consistently remained.

Here is also a tutorial for a modernized beehive, remiscent of the one she wore in her role as Holly Golightly.

Then, of course, we can't forget Marilyn's makeup look, a look primarily focused and complimented by her glamorous cherry red lips. <3

Now, as for dress... I'm going to focus on Jackie O. Ever since I was really young, I've always been avidly impressed and inspired by her elegant pillbox hats and big sunglasses!

 I've noticed it to be an upcoming and celebrated trend in the fashion world, the music artist, Lana Del Rey actually channels her look in a music video of hers! Notice the big hair, strands of pearls and elegant sheath dress? Also, click the link below to steal her look!;)

Now, I shall endeavor to present a list of my personal beauty and fashion icons!;) 

(1.) Audrey Hepburn: From the first time I saw her in a movie poster for "Breakfast at Tiffany's" this legendary beauty icon has never failed to impress me by her classy and subtly glamorous fashion sense as well as her effortless beauty!

Steal her style! ^

(2.) Grace Kelly: During my mid-teens I became positively obsessed with this spell-binding and elegant beauty and fashion icon. I remember attending another of my private sewing classes when my teacher immediately rushed over to the television screen to behold a fashionable green jacket that she'd been wearing, I believe the movie on the screen had been "Rear Window". Since then, this beautiful screen legend and princess of Monaco has remained at the top of my list!;)

                                          Steal her look ^

(3.) Marilyn Monroe: Her effortless glamour has always inspired me. It also intrigues me, the way she had been able to let off such a charismatic personality, the way the crowds used to scream for her. Her look has always captivated me! I feel that it's especially her cat-eye shades, glossy blonde curls and cherry red lips that immediately hold such an effortless glamour!;)


                                                     Achieve her fashion sense! ^

(4.) Brigitte Bardot: I've always been a huge fan of her voluminous half updo, as I presume most of you especially associate her with, that and her pouty lips. This French film legend has always symbolized effortless femininity for me and I feel that her look is very elegant and subtly glamorous, never overdone!

Find her look here ^

(5.) Rita Hayworth: This stunning screen legend has never ceased to impress me, her flawless elegance, class and glamour. The way her glossy auburn curls fall as well as her charming persona, are my personal favorite features of her. Her talent for dancing and frequent appearances in musicals play a big part as well!


                              Click here for her look ^

(6.) Elizabeth Taylor: I've always had a certain fondness for this violet eyed, ebony haired beauty! She just had such a way about her, the way her eyes sparkled on the silver screen, oh! and the way she carried herself, so gracefully and lady-like. I loved her as a child when I first saw her in "National Velvet" and I still can't help remaining fond of her as well as enticed by her beauty while watching movies like "Giant", a movie she starred alongside with James Dean, it was his last film. 

(7.) Jackie O: Like I'd stated previously, I have always been fond of Jackie's flawlessly elegant style, she was, in fact, probably the most stylish first Lady to ever reside in the White House. I love her wrist-length white gloves, pearls, sheath dresses, pillbox hats, etc., etc. To me, her look emulates that of a flawless, classy and lady-like look. 

(8.) Natalie Wood: This screen icon portrayed a look of subtle elegance and glamour, as well as offering some ideals for 60's beauty. As a child, she starred in sentimental movies, one of which being "Miracle on 34th Street". As she grew older, she later starred in movies alongside James Dean and Steve Mcqueen. One look at her captivating doe-like brown eyes with lush lashes, and it's hard not to understand why she was one of the biggest stars of that era. 

(9.) Lucille Ball: Definitely one of my favorite fashion icons. The way she channels those elegant a-line dresses, birdcage veiled hats and heels has always made me love the 50's all the more! This beautiful, charismatic and beautiful television star's fashion, is one that especially makes for my personal opinion of an epitome 50's look!

(10.) Ingrid Bergman: This beautiful starlet who gained her fame primarily for her appearance in the timeless classic "Casablanca" has always, for me, signified a natural beauty. Perhaps, it had been the way her eyes sparkled, or how little makeup she wore and how she still remained strikingly beautiful. Either way, she's definitely a legendary beauty!

(11.) Gene Tierney: This talented and renowned actress stole the hearts of millions during the early and late 40's, appearing in blockbuster hits like "Laura" and "Leave Her to Heaven" as well as "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir". Her looks never cease to amaze me, she has those heart shaped cherry-stained lips, high cheekbones, slanted sapphire blue eyes and satiny raven-black curls, all of which most would regard as "ideal beauty". She remains one of Classic Hollywood's most notable stars!

(12.) Greta Garbo: This celebrated screen legend, who's career had reigned during Hollywood's Golden Age has and always will remain one of America's top beauty legends. A few of her famous films consist of "Anna Karenina" and "Camille".

(13.) Olivia De Havilland: This strikingly beautiful actress easily holds and will continue to hold a steady place in the top list of Classic Hollywood's beauties. Some of her notable roles consist of "Robin Hood","The Snake Pit" and "Gone with the Wind". 


(14.) Ann Margret: This 50's beauty queen and co-star of Elvis Presley's lengthy auburn tresses and beautiful green tinted eyes easily holds a steady pace in my top list of beauty and fashion icons. Her fashion solely emulates the style of that area so flawlessly!

(14.) Jean Harlow: This screen siren is often likened to an early Marilyn Monroe. In fact, Marilyn had been a huge fan of the flaxen haired beauty, strands of diamonds lacing her neck and stoles of priceless furs draped over her shoulder. She was one of Hollywood's most glamorous stars!

(15.) Mia Farrow: This famous actress played a great part in the increased popularity of the "pixie haircut". Her flawless complexion and innocent blue eyes are beyond enchanting! 

(16.) Joan Fontaine: This renowned beauty, who starred in these renowned films, both directed by the legendary "Alfred Hitchcock"; "Rebecca" and "Suspense" bore very similar classically beautiful features as her sister Olivia De Havilland.

(17.) Coco Chanel: This iconic fashion designer, who's career heightened during the early 20's by far holds an irreplaceable spot on this list. She not only had been a breathtakingly talented designer, but very beautiful and classy as well!

(18.) Louise Brooks: Her angled bob was a big hit during the early 20's, the age in which she'd been at her most famous. Her looks have always depicted a clear portrayal of the beauty and fashion trends during that time. 

(19.) Mary Pickford: This starlet of the early days of Hollywood's beauty depicted a womanly elegance, a fair innocence and offered the perfect symbol for the era in which she lived. To me, she is a huge beauty queen from that time period as well as a fashion icon.

(20.) Vivien Leigh: Her face is more recognizable as that of the renowned character in the classic film based off of Margaret Mitchell's legendary classic;"Gone With The Wind's" Scarlet O'Hara. This vivacious and cunning character portrayed by Vivien, couldn't help but woo all of America with her exquisite beauty once all beheld her plated on the silver screen.

(21.) Sophia Loren: This Italian beauty is renowned especially for her glamour and class as well as her light almond shaped eyes.

(22.) Veronica Lake: Her photographs enchant millions and her stunning satiny tresses never cease to inspire many red carpet looks to this day. To me, Veronica was a true classic inspiration of beauty!

(23.) Betty Grable: This blonde bombshell reigned during the early 40's close to the second World War. Her stunning appearances in a series of films as well as her breathtaking photographs still continue to entice many!

(24.) Lauren Bacall: Perhaps it was her low husky voice, sparkly crystal-like eyes, or satiny shoulder skimming tresses that made the whole world fall in love with her, whatever the cause... it's undoubted that she holds one of the highest ranks of beauty in Hollywood!

(25.) Princess Diana: She's such an unforgettable public figure! I feel that it'd been primarily due to the surplus amount of charisma, classic beauty, and especially eagerness to help those in need that made her so beautiful. To me, she avidly depicted the perfect stature for classy and elegant fashion as the age moved into the 80's. 

So, I suppose, that wraps up all of today's post. Hopefully you enjoyed it, please continue to follow!:) Sleep well, beauty queens!;)

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