Friday, 14 June 2013

Chandelier Earrings

                  Chandelier Earrings

                   What better way is there to add a flawless elegance to pretty much any outfit? Chandelier earrings of course! They're oh so elegant, very reminiscent of the Ancient Egyptian Queens and their ornate and beautiful head pieces molded from the finest metals!

              Yesterday, in fact, I'd had the pleasure of viewing the vast collections of sparkling, statement making earrings that "Icing" had for sell, especially those in a new Marilyn Monroe-inspired jewelry collection!


        There were lengthy rows of diamond links that dangled from the ear lobe down. I was immediately inspired and automatically taken back to my previous fondness for these beautiful and timeless fashion statements! I have also attached some eye candy for you co-chandelier earring loving people out there! Here is a collection I've compiled of some beautiful starlets donning this breathtaking look! Enjoy!;) 

The beautiful and elegant Gene Tierney!

The elegant and polished beauty, Grace Kelly!

The stunning beauty, Audrey Hepburn!

The lovely Liz Taylor donning my personal favorite pair of chandelier earrings!

The both enchanting and poised Miss Vivien Leigh!

Then of course, there's in my opinion, one of the queens of the chandelier earring look, the beautiful Edie Sedgwick! :)

Now, if you find yourself inspired, and wanting to channel these statement making pieces... I have compiled yet another list of some beautiful chandelier earrings found on Polyvore!;)

These beautiful peach earrings can be purchased at for only $22.00!

        These elegant pale blue earrings are for sell at for only $9.00!

These elegant gold earrings are very reminiscent of Edie Sedgwick's earrings and can be bought at for $16.97!;)

These exotically beautiful earrings can be bought at for $42.43!

Last of all, here are some links that shall direct you to Betsey Johnson's breathtaking collection as well as Forever21 of course!;)

Have a fabulous Friday night, my dears!;) 

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