Saturday, 1 June 2013

A Star is Born

A Star is Born

Marilyn Monroe's 85th Birthday

Today happens to be not only the first of June, but the birthday of the legendary movie star, Marilyn Monroe. She'd been born in the year of 1926, on this same day... only to die a tragic death a mere thirty-six years later. To me, Marilyn is a strong symbol of both strength and endurance. It was an obvious fact, that with the difficulties of being abandoned to the care of foster homes, etc., that Marilyn's life had been far from one that should have ever bred a star as bright and legendary as her. In fact, it was sort of a wonder that she'd made it that far,  from an unknown orphan named Norma Jeane to a sparkling starlet known by the world as Marilyn Monroe!

 So, with all that said, Happy Birthday, Marilyn a.k.a. Norma Jeane! 

Also, in this article, in honor of the "birthday girl" I have come up with a list of Marilyn-like makeup and hair looks... I have also provided a list of interesting facts on the star, most of which you'd probably never been aware of!

(1.) Marilyn's Makeup: For the screen siren's effortless and beautiful makeup look, it's all about playing up your lips and lashes, all of the trademarks of a beautiful woman. Below I have attached a very helpful youtube tutorial on achieving her look! :) 

It was also a very well known fact, Marilyn's artistic nature whenever she applied her own makeup, so with her look, definitely feel free to allow your artistic side take over! (<-- The link for my personal favorite makeup tutorial on her look, browse youtube for even more informative videos! Video credits go out to the talented Miss Lisa Eldridge!) 

(2.) Marilyn's Trademark Curls: As for Marilyn's captivating curls, I have also provided a link to my personal favorite tutorial on her gorgeous locks! Enjoy! <3

(3.) 20 Fun Facts about the American Legend:

1. Her mother, Gladys Baker was a film-cutter for the RKO studios.

2. Her mother, Gladys Baker had, after falling victim to an increase of an intolerable mental-illness, as well as having been left a widow, abandoned Norma Jeane when she was still very small. 

3. Marilyn Monroe, or Norma Jeane was left for care at varying Foster homes. 

4. A two year old Norma Jeane had been nearly smothered to death, also suffering from several other forms of assault due to her frequent exposure to different Foster homes. 

5. At nine years old, the star was paid a nickel a month for kitchen-work in the L. A. Orphan Home, taking back a penny for Sunday services. 

6. Her favorite movie star had been Jean Harlow, due to their mutual fair blonde hair, a trademark which she'd at times been insecure about. 

7. At one point, the starlet had won the title of "Miss Artichoke" in a beauty contest held in, Castroville, California, the artichoke capital of the world". 

8. She'd been employed at an aircraft plant at the tender age of sixteen years old.

9. She'd owned a collection of 200 books and enjoyed listening to pieces composed by Beethoven. 

10. 20th Century fox had given her a contract but let it lapse a year  later. 

11. Her first film appearance had been in the unsuccessful film titled "Ladies of the Chorus."

12. Her appearance in "The Asphalt Jungle" had influenced her being cast in the blockbuster hit "All About Eve" a movie which had inspired 20th Century Fox in resigning her to a contract of seven years.

13. Both the films "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and "Niagara" had help in earning her the title as a "superstar". 

14. She worked with the director Lee Strasburg and also participated in sessions of psychoanalysis in hopes of getting to know herself better.

15. For fear of gaining any blemishes, she washed her face a minimum of fifteen times a day. 

16. She'd been disillusioned at one point of her early childhood into believing her real father to be the famous film actor, Clark Gable.

17. When she was small, she'd often tried to fit her feet into the prints of "Grauman's Chinese Theatre" having been far from aware of her future place there. 

18. Having been naturally a light brunette, Marilyn experimented with nine different shades of blonde before finally settling on that of her trademark platinum blonde.

19. As a child she'd had a dog by the name of "Tippy", in her final and unfinished film, she'd also owned a dog named "Tippy."

20. After her death her former husband,  the famous baseball player Joe Dimaggio, had ordered two dozen roses and had, had them placed on her crypt twice a weak "forever". A tribute which would later have to cease, due to the constant thievery of the roses by countless numbers of fans. 

With her death had come a plethora of heartbroken fans, however, her image shall remained fixed into the minds of those who've ever seen even just a photograph of her. Long gone but never forgotten!

"She was an icon who's celebrity transcended her untimely end."

So, with that said, I'd like to wish a "Happy Birthday" to the forever legend of Norma Jeane or as many regarded her, the infamous blonde, Marilyn Monroe!

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