Sunday, 9 June 2013

You are Never Alone

You are Never Alone

                     Sometimes, things feel hopeless. Sometimes, you feel like the storm is never going to end, and just before you're ready to give up, even the most feint glimpse of light appears. I feel that, God sends this promising light of hope to those who have resigned themselves to His will, almost like a soft whisper  from Heaven that everything is going to be alright. It's hard sometimes, we all go through seemingly endless tunnels of darkness, we ought never forget, however, the presence of God through it all, and though we might feel alone at times, remember that God is always looking down on us, quietly leading us through the black abyss, an abyss that will only succeed in making us stronger. The main source of unhappiness that I hope to cover in this blog post would be that of feeling alone, unwanted and unloved. We all tend to feel very unloved sometimes, and usually by the people who we love the most. 

"The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved." ~ Princess Diana 

                        If only we could, despite our reoccurring anger towards one another, never cease to reveal how much we truly love and care for each other! It's not hard to feel unwanted, unloved in life, the only cure residing in that of moral support from close family and friends, which aren't always easy to access. In fact, sometimes, it seems the whole world is against you. You're family or friends might be unhappy with you, that's usually, what I find to be the primary source for any feelings of emotional abandonment, an absence of support from those we tend to love the most. Of course, we know that God is always looking down on us, and that is such a comfort, but we must also remember that our family and friends are merely human, that even though they might feel irritated with us at times, they haven't let go of the of their true feelings of love and emotion towards us.

                     We don't realize it, but at times, we're not always careful in showing one another that we truly do care either! If we all could just take a moment to stop and say something as simple as "I love you" to those who's lives truly mean the world to us. We often forget to do so, and instead resort to the expression of our frustration or disdain for one another instead. It's easy to feel irritated, especially when we're all involved as a family and exposed to one another so continuously. Don't ever let the delusional thoughts that so frequently tend to creep into our minds rule us, and always remember that just because we as humans don't always show it, that there's always someone there for you, and who truly does love you. 

               I know that whenever I'm sad or feeling lonely, my main source of comfort can usually be found through God, of course. His presence can be an enormous comfort! It also helps to have my mom there for me whenever I need someone to talk to, or even just hug. She's always there to tell me that I am truly loved. My mom's words of comfort usually suffice almost instantaneously, they never fail me! Then of course, there's siblings. They can be either your main source of anger, or one of your primary source of comforts. I honestly don't know what I'd do without any of these. 


             "Friend Abraham, thou need not think thee stands alone. Take comfort, friend Abraham, God is with thee; and the people are behind thee." said a little Quaker woman upon noticing the president's look of distress. "I know it." began Lincoln "If I did not believe that God is sustaining me and will sustain me, until my work is done, I could not live. My heart would've broken long ago." 

                 Also, there are also two different forms of being "alone." One expression signifies that of emotional abandonment, feeling like nobody loves or cares for you,  the other, that of a mere blessed opportunity to sort out your mind, an "alone" granted by those who respect you, and care enough about you that they should let you depart for emotional purposes, in hopes to allow you to sort of restore yourself. 

So, with that said,... 

Have a beautiful night, and be sure to always remember that with God and family, you are never truly alone! Bonne nuit, mes beautés! xoxo <3

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