Friday, 7 June 2013

Battling Insecurities

                         Battling Insecurities 

"I never thought I'd land pictures with a face like mine"~ Audrey Hepburn

             I imagine that Audrey Hepburn was probably the last person you'd ever guess could be responsible for a quote like that! I suppose it really shows us how all of us are always going to be insecure about something. In the previous article, I had urged that we ought to endeavor to drown out these insecurities and worries pertaining to our outward appearances with endless acts of love and kindness towards others. It really is true, for once you place others before yourself, you soon forget any shallow insecurities you might have previously bore towards yourself. However, even in the midst of such distractions, we still at times can't help but feel a little insecure about ourselves here and there!

            As ladies especially, we all want to look nice and presentable. Face it, nobody really wants to look ugly, do they?

                 Maybe you have crooked teeth, freckles, or some other feature in your looks that you find yourself labeling as a "deformity". I have to strongly disagree, however, and am here to tell you that you ought not be ashamed of any unique features tied to your outward appearance. Instead, I urge that you ought, instead of despising it, celebrate it! Yes, as hard as that may seem, learn to love and cherish your looks... nobody else in this world looks quite like you, and you must hold your head high and just be proud of you for who you are, not for who you want yourself to be... but for who you are! Take great joy in the masterpiece that God has so magnificently created, and stop being so unmerciful towards yourself in regards to your outer looks. 
                To some, unlike through the eyes of your own critical perspective, your so called "flaws" might actually be exactly what make you beautiful to them!

                   You must always remember, as well, that others aren't always going to be as positive about your outward appearance either! Insecure people always have something negative to point out about others. I have been the victim of such instances myself, you sort of descend for awhile into a bout of depression, and after some confident boosters found in the arms of my sweet and wonderful family, I am able to climb out of it.

              After getting myself together, I am also able to credit the person's rude and critical comments to something as simple as "a bad day" or just due to their own insecurities and critical point of view of themselves. With this statement, I'm not looking for any sympathy or attention, but am just pointing out an unfortunate but common experience in life. Hopefully, if you've ever been insulted by anyone, you were able to do the same, and not allow it to act as a trigger for beating yourself down! 

               So, stop worrying about and obsessing over your "imperfections" and take a moment to take a look at yourself and just say "I'm beautiful in my own way, the way that God made me!" It's the freckles, over-bights, etc. that make you who you are. 

                 Besides, one day, you're sure to find someone who loves you for who you are, and in fact, regards those "imperfections" as the main sources of your beauty. Don't try to morph yourself into the models you see in magazines, but learn to love yourself just the way you are!

You truly are beautiful, don't ever forget that! Also, never forget to practice an unending amount of charity towards others, the beauty of your soul is truly the most important anyway!;) 

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