Friday, 22 March 2013

Statement Denim

Statement Denim

                                   Who else is absolutely in love with the statement making look of floral, striped and various other printed jeans and trousers that seem to populate the pant section at your local clothing shop? I know I am! At first, I'll admit that I hadn't been all that impressed, however, it didn't take long for the look to grow on me! After shuffling through various old photographs of Marilyn, Audrey, Grace and various other vintage beauties donning the similar look... I was immediately sold and just HAD to go and buy some!

              So, if this article has inspired you to try the look for the first time (or if you already have a plethora of pairs and yet still could use some more) here are a few steals (all under $50!) with some fabulous and positively adorable choices! <3 Enjoy, my darlings!

Links! <3,default,pd.html?_$ja=tsid:45090%7Ckw:Polyvore%7Ccgn:92295&cm_mmc=AWIN-_-Deeplink-_-NULL-_-NULL&istCompanyId=17910aed-1bae-4362-9580-b523eb87a91e&istItemId=imrqpqmx&istBid=t

Hope you enjoyed this article and are inspired to channel the statement making look! ;) Have a wonderful weekend! <3 xoxoxo

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Falling In Love with Lucy

             Falling In Love with Lucy

          Falling in love with Lucy is an easy task... one that doesn't require too much effort! Her wittiness, the way she scheme-fully escapes from the webs of trouble she often spins herself amid as well as her charm and beauty are just a few of the things that make us love her! Let's take a look back, however, at the beginnings of America's favorite redheaded comedian... let's take some steps all the way back to where the legends life first began, in Jamestown, New York back in August of 1911. 

       Despite the joy that she had infested into the lives of her many television viewers, the star's early life and childhood had not been all that pretty. Her father, Henry Ball died of Typhoid fever when she was merely four years old, her mother remarrying a man by the name of Ed Peterson, four years following her husband's tragic passing. When the rest of her family relocated to Detroit, Lucille opted to remain in the care of her foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson. 

       The couple, however, instead of offering love and care to Lucille, often inflicted sour-infested and cheerless attitudes towards her, while also consistently punishing the poor child with frequent and unreasonable afflictions. Despite the tragedy that garbed these times for Lucille, they had also proved successful in offering plenty of opportunity for Lucille to discover her inner imagination and advanced talents for acting.

           As time passed, however, and the family had been once again reunited, all settling in a home in a country which her grandfather Hunt had purchased for them, life had once become bearable. It was also during this period that Lucille had been fortunate in discovering her gift for making people laugh. Through the assistance of her grandfather Hunt in transporting her to frequent Vaudeville acts, Lucille had finally been successful in coming to the realization. 
          From then on it had only taken years of plays performed and organized in the comfort of her home, her family acting as members of the crew and cast. Then a few other years spent at John Murray Anderson-Robert Milton Dramatics school, despite the obstacles set by her inability to sing, dance or control either her voice or body very well, Lucille successfully endured.

           Frustrated by the school's disbelief in her, as well as discouraged from watching a fellow student, Bette Davis, succeed so immensely, while she struggled, Lucy opted to become a Showgirl in hopes to both avoid returning to Jamestown and to prove the school wrong. She then endeavored to successfully score acts in various musical positions, most notably a chorus girl in the third road company of "Rio Rita", a "Ziegfield" productions and "Stepping Stones, which was a Fred and Paula Stone show. During these times spent in New York, City as a Showgirl, however, Lucy found herself entangled in a bout of homesickness and financial instability. Finally, after becoming fed up with all of her ailments, Lucille opted to pack up and head back to Jamestown. 
          During her return back to her beloved hometown, Lucille endeavored to work various jobs which consisted of either a soda jerk at Walgreen's or a clerk in a dress shop. During these dull days spent tucked away in her hometown, Lucy knew with all of her heart that the city was where she had been destined to reside. It was then, that she headed back to New York, City, determined as ever, to discover that her luck had vastly improved!
          Back in New York, City, Lucille's new-found luck had been discovered upon obtaining a modeling job in a diminutive wholesale coat shop on 7th Avenue. She then decided to go by the name of Diane Belmont, a name that had been inspired by the "Belmont race track" back on Long Island. After having spent most of her time surrounded by the glitz and glamour of the modeling scene, as well as receiving several marriage proposals at the young age of eighteen years old, Lucille was later devastated to learn of her diagnosis with rheumatoid arthritis. 

                       After returning back to Jamestown once again, having been overwhelmed with discouragement towards the many unsuccessful treatments she endured in hopes to cure her arthritis, Lucy was soon approached with a new role as a character by the name of Aggie Lynch. A role which would later act as a pedestal of success in her theatrical career. After the play, and convincing one of her close friends, Marion Strong to join her amid the hustle and bustle of New York, City where she'd set out to return once again to join her. It was then, that Lucille returned to her previous occupation as a model, a model primarily for the high-end stores in New York such as; Jackson's on 39th Street and 7th Avenue. 
                    Thanks to her various modeling gigs and especially in debt to a painter named Ratterman who'd contributed to the construction of her image with the painting of an image which later grazed several billboards all over town, acting as an advertisement for Chesterfield Cigarettes. Alongside the vast improvement of her image, Lucille's acting career had also been strengthened immensely due to the painting, as with the sight of the ad, Lucy was immediately approached for an acting role as a Goldwyn Girl in the costly picture entitled "Roman Scandals". After participating in such a renowned film the door ,was soon opened for Lucille and many other famed movies were later released, all laced with Lucille's avid charm and beauty. 

                   After a successful career in movies, 
such as: "The big Street" in which she starred alongside Henry Fonda, Lucy later moved on to a career in the radio business. 


During her career on the radio she partook in various radio programs, one hosted by Jack Haley, a.k.a, the tin man from the cinemascope picture "The Wizard of Oz"; as well as a program entitled"Mr. and Mrs. Cugat."

It was the radio program "My Favorite Husband", however, that was the sole and most sensational part of Lucy's radio career. The role, in fact, provided the yellow brick road for Lucille in the television industry.  With the beginnings of the adaption of this celebrated and hit radio program's transformation onto television, it was with Lucy's insistence upon working with her husband, Desi Arnaz, that later motivated the two to initiate their own producing company, "Desilu," which later provided the pilots and beginnings for her most celebrated role as "Lucy Ricardo" in the hit T.V. comedy "I Love Lucy". 

                Many memorable years were spent on the set of  America's favorite comedy. Lucy had also been fortunate to have, during production, been surrounded by Vivian Vance, who she throughout the broadcast grew very close to as well as her husband. It was also on this show that Lucille would carry the couple's second child, the child being referred to as "Little Ricky" on air and "Desi Arnaz Jr." in real life. According to some sources, Lucy and Desi's marriage had also been strengthened by the mutual participation in the production of "I Love Lucy".

                    Despite her late efforts to recreate another hit television series, none could replace that of their famed series "I Love Lucy". It caught onto all of America with it's creative scripting, wittiness and laughter induced remarks. No matter how old you are, you'll never get tired of seeing Lucy and Ethel find creative ways out of their constant, Lucy proposed mistakes. Th episode when Lucy becomes intoxicated on a television commercial for example, or when she and Ethel find themselves "fighting but losing game" with a conveyor belt lined with a surplus of unwrapped chocolates. So, if you haven't before (which is absolutely ridiculous) try watching an episode or two, and I promise you will find yourself both addicted to the show as well as enticed by Lucilles avid charisma and 

Have a wonderful Thursday my beauty Queens! Oh, and
 try and take Lucy's example
 and make people happy, make them laugh! <3 xoxoxo

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 


                             Whether it be true or not, that most "gentlemen" prefer blonde, the color is without a doubt a stunning one to opt for, provided that one chooses the right shade of blonde for their skin tone that is! We all know that, though a creamy platinum like Marilyn really suited her skin tone  it might, however, clash with our own, and definitely won't let off the same stunning and head turning effect. Well, perhaps, it could lead to some "head turning"... but I can assure you, it will not be in the good way! So, if you've been thinking about becoming a blonde beauty, whether solely artificially a.k.a by bottle and bottle alone, or just by enhancing the natural blonde tones in your hair... join me for the perfect consideration of all of the different shades of blonde that fill the color spectrum. 

     Once you read this, you'll find that there are so many other hues of blonde than your stereotypical platinum! ;) Enjoy... and I hope it inspires you! 

1. Creamy Ivory: First on my list, would have to be this soft and pale, yet creamy shade. The color is ideal for fair skin tones  as the shade has a hint of warmth. It is a bold yet delicate color and it also works really well with minimal haircuts like Michelle's as both the softness of the cut and the paleness of the color create a stunning celebration of femininity!

2. Cool Nordic Platinum: Next on my list would have to be the hue of "cool Nordic platinum"... a shade that is frequently donned by Miss Stefani. The shade would offer the perfect effect for anyone wanting to make a bold statement in their hair color choice. Strong facial features, however, are the most ideal for the shade as they seem apt in balancing the dramatic hue. Definitely work with a profession if opting for this shade, as they can offer advice and make adjustments to the color primarily for both your skin and eye color!

3. Strawberry Blonde: Third on the list is that of the shade blessed with ribbons of copper, the perfect cross between red and blonde... strawberry blonde! This red-infused color seems to work best with light eyes and skin! So, if stuck between the decision of either red or blonde... this is the PERFECT color for you! Notice, how well the color goes with Cate Blanchett's fair skin and light eyes?

4. Sand and Honey: Now, as for the fourth shade on the list, who doesn't adore Jennifer Aniston's usual choice of sandy blonde with honey highlights? The contrast of the two colors, provides the perfect effect for woman of varying skin tones. From fair to medium to olive, this shade is the perfect one for pretty much anyone! 

5. Platinum with Hints of Gold: Next on the list, as well as one of my favorite shades as it proves very reminiscent of Miss Monroe's hair color would have to be this pale yet soft shade! Be prepared, however, to devote a lot of maintenance into the color and keep in mind that the shade works best with very fair and porcelain skin. 

6. Caramel with Streaks of Gold: This color seems to provide the perfect results especially for woman with hints of pink in their skin. The easiest way to achieve the look would be especially if you had light or medium brown hair starting out. This color is also almost like a "miracle worker" as it offers the ability to make thin or fine hair look fuller, subtracts years, and demands less upkeep and maintenance! 

7. Multitonal Apricot: Seventh of the many shades of blonde would be this fun peachy hue, a hue filled with a variety of diverse shades! One that gives off the impression that the person donning the multicolored look most likely has a very committed colorist, as the look requires a LOT of upkeep! Also to keep and preserve the brilliance of the hue, one must receive frequent care and treatments from their colorist.

8. 14-Karat Gold: Giving off the impression of hair resembling that of shredded wheat with immensely fine highlights woven in, this take on blonde is perfect for those wanting to stand out and shine! The variety of bold contrasts evokes an exceptionally brilliant and noticeable look... one that will immediately turn heads... and in a good way too! ;)

9. Butterscotch: This fun and flirty shade is often referred to as the "surfer-girl blonde". The different shades in this look are what make the blonde "believable". :)

 10.Golden Beige: Last but not least on our list, this color has just enough gold woven into it to keep it remaining fresh and modern in appearance! This shade works best on woman with subtly tanned skin and ribbons of gold in their eyes. Ask your colorist to be sure and frame your face with the highlights as it will add a sense of warmth to your overall look! <3 

So, with all of these beautiful shades, each suited for nearly ever skin type out there, I hope I have offered inspiration for those of you who've been opting to go blonde! So, maybe it will encourage you to bring out your inner Marilyn or Jean? <3 xoxoxo Have a fabulous Wednesday, my lovelies! 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend <3

            Maybe, it's the way they sparkle underneath the bright Hollywood lights whenever draped over Hollywood's most iconic legends plated over the silver screen... or the way that they immediately add Queen-like sophistication and class to one's wardrobe, with even the appearance of one stone in the middle of some dainty silver ring... yet, no matter what the main reason may be, it can be far from doubted that this precious jewel is far from replaceable as one of a woman's most favored goods in life! 


                 Now, there are a vast majority of ways to incorporate this precious jewel into your wardrobe... and I presume that most of you are eager to do so! So, here are some fabulous diamond-esque fashion finds I've scouted out for you! ;) Enjoy! 

1. Diamond Necklace

   A more classic approach as well as one of my favorite ways to channel the priceless jewel would have to most definitely be around my neck! 

2. Diamond Tiaras

          To some, the whole idea of sporting the elegant princess aimed beauty accessory can be a bit intimidating. However, I do urge you to take some advice and influence from the beautiful Miss Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's".  She proved that the look is just as suitable for any glamorous young ladies living amid the hustle and bustle of New York city as it is for any luxury surrounded duchess! 

 3. Diamond Rings

       An obvious favorite to many, as the look is both excessively subtle yet glamorous all at the same time, needless to say the perfect way to incorporate the precious stone in more of a less "attention getting" way. However, for those of you (like me) who yearn for something bold and "statement making"... the links below also contain more "noticeable" takes on the century old look. ;)  

4. Diamond Bracelets 

        Ooh! Who doesn't love diamond bracelets? So, sophisticated and yet considerably simple like the diamond ring! Take a tip from Marilyn, as she strings them over her satiny pink elbow length gloves, my dears! <3

5. Diamond Earrings

            Now, last, but by far the least of the many choices (mind you there are plenty more which exceed my minuscule list, btw. ;)) are particularly the number one on my list... diamond earrings... the chandelier types to be exact. Hope you enjoy the links for some fabulous "Classic Hollywood" inspired chandelier earrings encrusted with diamonds... I believe there is one edgy look amid the variety as well... for all of you trendsetters and fashion daredevils. ;) 

Oh, now and before I leave... let us not forget that there are a series of ways to include the priceless stone into our wardrobe. Some of them camouflaged in shoes, handbags, dresses, etc. So, keep your eyes open and always look for more ways to incorporate even more shine into your wardrobe! <3

               Now, you must also remember to let your personality shine through. Meaning you must practice kindness and be avid in expressing your inner self! Don't be afraid to show the world who you are, what you can do... let them fall in love with you for both your talent and charisma! For no matter how many diamonds you drape over yourself... there'll never be enough to camouflage a dull or drab personality... especially one that never practices kindness! So, before we depart... always remember to look to the diamond and try to shine like it! <3 xoxoxo Hope you had a fabulous Tuesday, my beauty queens! ;)