Monday, 11 March 2013

Flower Crown Beauties

Flower Crown Beauties

              The simplicity, and celebration of nature that seems to be woven into these delicate crowns, is often an obvious symbol of the person channeling it's deep appreciation for the natural beauty surrounding them! It also seems to let off a very fairy-like look, a carefree Boho look, or whatever you must... and although it might be a trend that'll stand out boldly from the crowd, I highly embrace the look and encourage you to, the next time you find yourself on your way to a luncheon or date in the park, to have your flower crown ready! ;)      

             Pair it with some elegant floral sundress, you "Prairie Sweetheart", or even some simple tee-shirt and slacks. The look is sure to let of a confident yet beautiful vibe! So, no hesitating and give it a go! Celebrate the beauty of nature with me! <3 Besides what have you got to lose? Put away any second thoughts, head to your local craft store and pick up the necessary supplies required for your beautiful crown! Floral tape is an obvious necessity, floral wire, crepe paper (if opting for handmade paper flowers), faux flowers (you'll find a vast amount within your local "Michael's" or "Hobby Lobby" craft store for instance! ;)), and even fresh flowers from the great outdoors (for even a more natural/outdoorsy look). 

              Below I have attached links with instructions, one of which can be credited to Martha Stewart for a variety of instructions on paper flowers and the other two from two fabulous blogs, with directions for making the entire flower crown (the wiring, the weaving, etc.) 

              Below are two photos of a film my sisters and friends and I were making... I constructed the floral crowns on my own out of crepe paper. Also, to make them look more earthy and realistic... I mixed some strands of fresh leaves within them! <3 

Links!! <3 (notice all of the different types of beautiful blooms you can make? :))

              So, with all of this available... there'll be no other excuse for not giving the trend a spin, my lovelies! <3 xoxoxo Enjoy! Oh, and have a wonderful Monday evening! ;) See? Even Queen Victoria approves of the look! <3

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