Sunday, 11 August 2013

Teach me how to do the Charleston!

Teach me how to do the Charleston!

In my opinion, I feel that the 20's era can be deemed as one of the most vital partakers in the building fashion. There they were, women who were considered worthless rebels, their crimson lipstick, powdered faces, bobbed hair, glittering accessories, fringed dresses as well as heels. They danced, the men and women of that era. They danced happily to the upbeat music notes that made up the Charleston. Big bands crowded the stages that bordered the local dance halls, lights reflecting sparkle onto the women's endless links of bling, the glittery diamond headpieces sparkling. The frill of their dresses, swayed like grasses by the tug of the evening breezes with every carefree step. 

                       Alongside it's endless contribution to the fashion industry, the "roaring 20's" also played a big part in the making of "Hollywood" as well as the increase of popularity towards the "Silver Screen." Movie stars graced the screen, their emotions/face expressions revealing the story's plot. 

These big star's of the "Silver Screen", their names etched in lights, also played a big part in the revolution of an entirely new perspective on "fashion". Young girls would now visit the local Salons, a magazine cutout with a movie star's face in their hands. A face of a film star who's hairstyles they should desire to have for their own, they wanted even just a piece of the glitz and glamour that laced the lives of these infamous screen legends. Maybe with a head full of glossy finger-waves, these young girls would somehow be able to finally emulate pieces of the  infamous screen legends that adorned the big screen at their local theater! Media would now provide a sole means of inspiration for the beauty and fashion industry, Hollywood held a monopoly on all of the glitz and glamour that would be tightly sewn into the fashion industry.  

The fashion industry would now see a new generation of "beauty queens", the ideal beauty now residing within the realm of bobbed haircuts. Cropped haircuts that would appall their mothers, their bobs all adorned with satiny finger-waves, red lipstick staining their lips. This new spin on fashion would consist primarily on lots and lots of glitz and glam. It would provide a turning point for the fashion world, a whole new perspective on women and the way they dressed. For awhile, it'd been scandalous to wear "paint" all over your face. With the birth of the 20's, however, that would be forever changed. 

Interested in channeling a look reminiscent of this era? I have provided the links and sources of some beguiling headpieces, all inspired by the 1920's era! :)

(1.) This handmade pearl and feather adorned headpiece can be purchased on Etsy at the link below! Perfect for a daring evening look or "silent movie-star" costume!:) 

(2.) Another piece by the Etsy shop "danani", this elegant headpiece can also be purchased at the link below. The black accents give it a more languid tone.

(3.) Yet another piece by "danani"! This headpiece is breathtaking, the rich olive hue of the ribbon very reminiscent of the "Roaring 20's"! Click on the link below if interested in purchasing!

Browse "danani's" endless collection for other statement-making headpieces, all customized to emulate the 1920's era! So with that said, cheers to the "Roaring 20's"!;)  

Have a beautiful night, my "Beauty Queens"! xoxo <3

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