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Goodbye, Norma Jeane

Goodbye, Norma Jeane

               All good things must come to an end, it's usually then that you are able to realize the true value of what you once had. Her name printed on tabloids, her photographs a marketing commodity for producers to cash in on. Marilyn throughout her years in Hollywood had been treated as an object more than anything else.

The poor little orphan, Norma Jeane had been so starved of affection from such an early point in her life that she began to desperately seek everyone's attention, she wanted people to know her... to like her, whether or not it had just been for her body. 

             It was with her later years in the industry, however, that she began to understand more clearly just how much of an object she'd become. "Men don't look at me, they only lay their eyes on me" she once stated, her face crumbling from the lack of love, the loneliness that had plagued her for most of her short life. 

She knew that she'd never been truly loved by most for anything more than her body, everyone's obsession with the Hollywood superstar had relied solely on her physical appearance, a beauty that earned her a love without substance... a love that had been nothing more than skin deep.

The skin deep type of love never seems to suffice. Outward beauty fades and Marilyn knew that, she began to panic as she watched the lines of age grow more apparent on her face... she knew that her looks had been the primary source of her fame... what would she do when her beauty began to fade?

             What she had to offer for everyone else had become the primary source of their interest in her. It had eventually grown to the point where people had begun to take bits and pieces out of her, destroying her from within. She couldn't take it anymore, it was in the midst of those final days, the breaking point of her lifelong struggles that the world found themselves finally bidding farewell to "Hollywood's Darling." She'd been like a masterpiece constantly struggling to hold herself together. Her death would be credited to her mental instability, had she died from her own hand? Suicide was an immediate presumption. 

               The blonde bombshell that they'd eagerly cashed in on with made up scandals, the beautiful movie star that everyone had pleasured themselves in beholding with their eyes, their money spent on movie tickets just to see her iconic beauty... the masterpiece had diminished and the world had now been forced to say goodbye to her. It was hard for the public, having to let go of such an enticing superstar, the fragile woman that they had transformed into an object for their own satisfaction, an object to suffice their superficial desires. Her legend the only souvenir of her existence now lingered and instead of in lights, her name would now remain engraved in stone.  

What had been in it for her? Perhaps, she'd been rich and beautiful... but had she ever been whole, had she ever been fully completed inside? Fame and beauty never seem apt in fulfilling one's soul. It was with her tragic death that everyone began to realize how emotionally in danger she'd been throughout the years.

They began to see just how plagued with an inner tragedy, one that had been easily overlooked by eager members of the press who insisted on asking question after question about her personal life, as well as snapping photo after photo. Everyone began to realize that she'd been more than an object, an emotionally distressed being... barely holding on. 

The fatality of her mental state brushed off by countless fans that crowded her, their hands eagerly clutching pens, anxious to have even three seconds of the star's attention, began to grow apparent now. 

       When she was gone, everyone mourned her. 

Her previous husband Joe Dimaggio, the jealous man who'd sometimes hit her even wept for her. What he wouldn't he have given to have her back with him! 

Everyone's heart ached as they bid farewell to the mortally deceased icon, an icon who's legend would transcend her lifetime. So, always remember the briefness of "fame", "Fame will go by, so long, I've had you, fame. If it goes by, I've always known it was fickle. So at least it's something I experience, but that's not where I live." 

             Don't worry yourself with the temporary glory that life has to offer, it will fade away into dust. If you give yourself to the public like that... there are plenty of people out there eager to take advantage of you as much as possible. So, with the access to her cinematic performances, her photographs that never fail to entice many, we shall say goodbye to Hollywood's darling, goodbye Norma Jeane! You were more than just an object, a beautiful person who's life came to an end far too briefly!

Have a wonderful rest of the day, beauty queens! <3 xoxo

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