Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Emulating Veronica

Emulating Veronica

I've seen it grace the red carpets over a million times these past couple of years and have a feeling that this look will remain affixed in a vital section of beauty's most timeless looks for a great many years!

 It's a look that celebrates femininity, it channels a look of timeless lady-like poise and elegance, and is always a very flattering look for any special occasion/fancy dining. 

  It's also very reminiscent of Classic Hollywood Glamour, and immediately brings to mind a plethora of Hollywood's greatest film stars!

From Veronica Lake to Lauren Bacall and all the way to the modern faces of Hollywood; Reese Witherspoon, Sophia Bush, January Jones, etc., etc. 

It also remains a widely celebrated look amid the runways, the glossy waves strewn about the brows of some of Fashion's most famous models! 

Last of all, the look can be copied with this fabulous tutorial by Lauren Conrad from her blog! <3

Have a fabulous evening! We're halfway through the week! :) 

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