Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Value of Friendship

                  The Value of Friendship

             A few nights ago, a friend of mine asked me if I knew "how lonely life could be". I paused for a moment, studied the text in a more psychological manner. "Yes, I know how lonely life can be, trust me!:)" I simply texted him back. Within the bold black print, though short and to the point...there'd been woven into it a thousand takes on my definition of "loneliness". 

My mind took a few trips back to my childhood... when "loneliness" had merely been bitter nights trying to fall asleep, wanting my parents to sit at my bedside, frightened of the unknown behind the closets or under my bed. Those were the days when loneliness had also been a friend not being able to visit. I used to love those late Friday evening play-dates with my best friend! Sometimes we'd just eat pizza/fish sticks, drink soda and watch a marathon of Disney movies, though simple, it definitely seemed to suffice. It made me feel warm and happy inside! It injects a sort of security, the feeling of being wanted by another.

 Even my white Labrador retriever, whenever I'm home alone for long periods of time, she makes me feel happy when she's nearer. 

I guess that helps me to realize and somewhat relate to those stories you read about or see in movies, you know... the ones where the boy is stranded on some deserted island, the only companion present being the boy's golden retriever. We all need someone to talk to/be with... sometimes it just helps to have someone close-by  to have that knowledge that they're always there for you... that you'll never be alone. 

We all must remember that, no matter how dark and dreary the night can be, we are indeed never truly alone. We ought to be comforted by the realization of God's presence in our lives, we must also remember that we mean the world to some people! That no matter how little you think everyone cares about you, there's always that handful of your closest friends/acquaintances. It also helps to have that one super close friend! The one who you can call at any hour of the night, the one who's always there to talk to you! Everybody needs a friend like that... they need an Ethel to their Lucy! Sometimes we take it fore-granted  but it does indeed make such a difference, having someone to talk to during our darkest hours. So, please... never allow yourself to feel alone! God is with you, you can talk to Him whenever! :)

Never forget all of the people God has given you in life! Sometimes having somebody there for you all the time makes you end up downplaying the amount of value they truly hold in your life. You just expect them to be there for you whenever and don't plan on ever giving back in any way! It's usually when they're gone that you start to realize, to become aware of the importance they held in your life... it shows so vibrantly while one looks upon the gaping void left behind with their absence. 

A friend to take away the loneliness and the pain, to lift you up from the deepest pits of depression! Don't ever ever take it fore-granted!

Don't ever let any of your truest friends go, let them know how much they truly mean to you! Don't wait for the lonely, dark and depressing times to become enlightened of the emptiness they once filled for you!

Don't forget to let your faithful friends know how much they truly do mean to you! Friends are a valuable gift from God! Also, remember that you are never alone! ;) xoxo

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