Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Perfect Beauty Queen

            The Perfect Beauty Queen

           Beauty... what is beauty? "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"... that's what they say anyway. For me, this is a saying that I can deeply support without any further consideration! It's true... it really really is! To some, certain women may be "stunningly beautiful" while they still may never qualify to hold a position in the modelling industry. Their measurements may not be right, too big perhaps, nor their height, too short perhaps! Who's to say that measurements are the true factors of beauty... who's to say that inches going up or down can either qualify or deny anyone their worthiness of the title "beautiful"? Sometimes, some of the full-figured girls have the loveliest faces I've ever seen!

I also know a lot of stunning girls who don't meet the minimum height requirement for the modelling world... they're still some of the most gorgeous people I've ever met!

              My personal philosophy stands that all women are beautiful in their own unique way... their eyes can be the sole source of their beauty, or perhaps their hair, complexion, the list goes on!

                 Have freckles to conceal? Have a gap between your front teeth? I find it so unfortunate that people automatically deem these things as "imperfections" merely because of society and it's influence. Who's to say that these little touches, like's stars to adorn the velvety night-sky should be found worthy enough to fall into the category of "ugly"? Seriously! Who ever bought the right to say that? I never had freckles, but I'll tell you what... when I was a little girl, I would've given an arm and a leg to have even just a little.

I always thought that they added to people's faces in such a charming way! As for gaps between teeth,  most dentists would suggest braces for the sake of one's "vanity". Why?

What's so terrible about not having perfectly aligned teeth? If you were born that way, with a gap in the middle, that's how your teeth were designed to look! I personally find such beauty in a woman with a space between her teeth... my mind immediately seems to trance back to the notable French beauty, Brigitte Bardot and her gappy smile!

                  Size requirements, most modern day contests in search for the next "Miss America" as well as models for various fashion companies demand a lot, especially in comparison to the normal size of your average woman. 

It was a running joke, after a competition for the title "Miss America" to pass out donuts to all of the losing contestants. I suppose it'd been sort of to bring out some lighthearted humor from all of the brutal dieting/starving that all of the contestants had to endure in hopes of receiving the coveted title. That's saying something right there. Did God intend for us to live off of lettuce leaves and diet beverages? No. That's why society's standard for beauty sets the bar way too high, especially for most average women to live up to! It demands an unrealistic diet, an overdose of exercise, as well as various other recipes to obtain such an unnatural body type! 

           That's why... in my opinion, true beauty is found in a woman who eats healthy and exercises (in a manner of temperance that is), a woman who embraces her "imperfections" as beautiful trademarks for who she is, an intelligent and charitable woman who genuinely endeavors to selflessly care for others (not just for publicity either!), a woman who'd give up a chunk of her low income for a poor suffering man on the street and expect nothing in return but to please God! That's what we need to be! For me, and I feel for most... a woman beautiful on the outside but plagued with bitterness on the inside seems to immediately lose her beauty once the state of her icy heart becomes visible to the public! 

So, no more worrying about frizzy hair, freckles, crooked teeth, etc., etc.,... it's just a waste of time! 

True beauty can only be sought for inside the heart of a woman who keeps her soul spotless and her actions primarily focused on the bettering/assistance of other less fortunate persons! Her inspiration solely residing amid God's commandments.

             So, keep that big grin extending to both ears (crooked teeth or not), comb your hair, put some lipstick and makeup on (don't cake it on, you just need enough to accent your already present beauty!!) and learn to love you for you! Realize the genuine beauty that you yourself have, a beauty that will never be quite like the next! ;) Eat, eat and eat some more!! No more starving yourself! When you're hungry, you're hungry... go get a snack! As long as you don't overeat, you'll always be the size you were intended to be, whether your body type be thin like Audrey or curvy like Marilyn, just know that you're beautiful! 

;) Carry yourself with pride as well as, like Audrey Hepburn once said, the knowledge that you never walk alone. God's always with you, your family's always with you... never for one moment be ashamed of yourself! 

No hunching over in public, no worried eyebrows... carry yourself like the beauty queen that you were born to be! Never ever try to be anyone else either! Imagine if some of the most unique and celebrated Hollywood Stars tried to be like the other! The world would lack in individuality now wouldn't it? So be yourself and show the world the beauty woven into you!!

Have a fabulous evening, beauty queens!!~ xoxo <3

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