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Copycat Fashion: Jackie & Chanel

Copycat Fashion: Jackie & Chanel

Subtly elegant, glamorous, poised, lady-like, etc., etc., the list goes on! These are just a few of the many adjectives worthy of describing the essence of both Coco Chanel and Jackie O's fashion evolution. 

Their looks displayed a flawless perception of elegant womanly fashions, all laced heavily with both class and dignity. 

Both styles seemed to exhibit a plethora of elegance and beauty minus the typical glamour girl pairing of diamonds galore and expensive furs.

Their looks emulated feminine glamour in an effortless, non-overdone manner. Pearls to adorn their necks played for the perfect touch of elegance, and figure flattering dresses, all in pastels or neutral colors. 

The LBD was also a fond favorite of the two, especially when paired with strands of glossy white pearls! 

So, after taking into careful consideration the two's recipe of pearls, neutral colors, simple and flattering cut dresses, as well as Jackie's trademark big sunglasses... I have come up with a list of items reminiscent to the two fashion icon's very own looks! So, get ready to channel your inner Jackie and Chanel, darlings! ;) 

Let's start with pearls! These fine treasures of the sea always act as the perfect touch of lady-like elegance and poise to any look! 

(1.) This pearl necklace sold at Banana Republic provides a glamorous touch of glitter with it's additions of golden accents, gold-glazed rings with delicate rhinestones around them that is! This stunning jewelry piece can be purchased at the link below for only $45! The perfect addition to any LBD!

(2.) This simple pair of earrings by Dorothy Perkins provides for the perfect night out! The sparkling faux diamonds add for the perfect glamour effect! Can be purchased for only $9.00 at the link below!

(3.) This creamy pearl lattice bracelet sold at Dorothy Perkins channels the best of both worlds, the silver beads etched around the pearls making for the perfect dosage of glam! This stunning jewelry piece can be purchased at the link below for only $14.00!$ja=tsid:34094%7Cprd:Hy3bqNL2jtQ&cmpid=aff_ls_us

Next, shall we cover dresses? The elegant lady-like kind that make for the perfect luncheon or luxurious evening out! 

(1.) This "Pink Military" pencil dress exemplifies the perfect Jackie-inspired look! The soft peach hue, the simple yet elegant gold-glazed buttons, the cut, all remain reflections of Jackie's fashion evolution! Perfect for a nice luncheon or tea with friends! Can be purchased at the link below for only $69.00, a wonderful bargain for such a beautiful dress!

(2.) This fitted black lace pencil dress offers a beguiling look for a fancy dining or formal gathering! It's the perfect take on every woman's favorite LBD! Paired with pearls, the look is sure to stun onlookers! Can be purchased at the link below for $49.00!

(3.) This vibrant dress emulates a sophisticated yet elegant and classy choice for an evening at some 5 star restaurant! The pop of cherry provides the perfect vibrancy in addition to the subtleness of the pearls! The flattering cut also makes for the perfect choice for any body shape! Purchase at the link below for only $35.00!

Last, but far from least, I have scouted out some of the most stunning "oversize sunglasses"! The perfect accessory for any outing or errand! Pair with a scarf on your head and you'll look just like Jackie! 

(1.) These oversize tortoise shell sunglasses by Keneth Cole immediately caught my eye! I love the depth of color at the top and how it just fades into a dark cream-color at the bottom! The contrasting hues offer such an eye-catching ombre look! The shape is also very similar to certain pairs worn by the first lady! Purchase at the link below for $50.00!

(2.) These oversize black shades won my attraction with their almost identical similarities to Jackie's trademark set of ink black sunglasses, the color and the shape are both very reminiscent of her look! Purchase for $50.00 at the link below!

(3.) I was ecstatic upon discovering these peach hued frames, the look combines two of Jackie's most radiant fashion looks, her subtle peach sheath dresses as well as her fondness for big sunglasses! The cat-eye shape also makes for a very 60's-esque look!$ja=tsid:21416%7Cprd:Hy3bqNL2jtQ

Hopefully you enjoyed this article on Jackie and Coco-inspired fashion! Hopefully it left you with a series of tips applicable to your own wardrobe! 

Have a marvelous night, lovelies! xoxo <3

Stay classy and fabulous! ;)


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