Sunday, 18 August 2013

Queen of The Nile

Queen of The Nile

I was immediately enticed by the noticeable increase in Egyptian inspired fashion trends amid the shelves of some of my favorite stores along the 16th street mall of Denver! As I surveyed the vast shelves of jewelry throughout H&M, I was beyond thrilled! Sparkling beneath the store's vibrant lighting, I was intrigued by the endless collection of gold-polished earrings, emeralds and aqua blues glistening vibrantly in the center! Oh and the necklaces! I was bemused by their eloquent glamour, very reminiscent to the strands of jewels that the Ancient Egyptian Queens used to adorn their necks with! 

I have also noticed a considerable rise in gold etched headpieces, also very nostalgic to some of the headpieces the Egyptian Queens used to crown their satiny black tresses with. 

                           Below I have narrowed down a list of some fabulous, Egyptian-inspired jewelry pieces to contribute a Queen of The Nile-worthy sense of glamour to your wardrobes! Enjoy!


Click on the links below to view the items!

Also, for the perfect "Queen of The Nile" costume, check out the link below for a fabulous Egyptian makeup tutorial by Pixiewoo!

Also, here's a link for some Egypt-inspired headpieces! Take a few moments to browse through these stunning jewel ornamented headpieces sold at the ASOS Marketplace!

Hopefully you found this entry helpful in providing you with the necessary sources for achieving that perfect Egyptian look! 

Have a fabulous evening, dears! xoxo <3

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