Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Old Hollywood Makeup Tricks

Old Hollywood Makeup Tricks


                  There's always been something about that Old Hollywood beauty... and the excessive amount of glamour and irresistible charm that is tied to it as well, is vastly unfathomable! So, in this article, I shall share with you a few of the golden era of Hollywood's favorite and most practiced beauty tricks, so that you too may let off your inner Marilyn or Rita! Enjoy, my dolls! <3 

1. Eyes: They say the eyes are the "windows to the soul", therefore I have, and I'm sure many others as well, grown to deem it as my favorite facial feature! A factor that makes the dressing of the eyelids with vibrant shadows and caressing the lashes with a thick layer of ebony mascara all the more rigorous and exciting! It's what I would go so far as to consider as the "icing on the cake". 

            The eyes are, in my opinion the main focal point of the human face, and deserve to be adorned in a most detailed and careful fashion. No crumbling mascara, uneven lining, mascara stains on the eyelid caused from an unsteady hand, or tacky tastes in eye-shadow or eyeliner colors! 
            Now, let's take our eye look back and use a subtly glamorous look like Marilyn Monroe's for example. Amid the 50's, Marilyn primarily used neutral eye-shadow colors... (that was basically all there was to choose from in that time period anyways) and her makeup artist Whitey, always endeavored to blend the eye-shadow evenly in hopes of nearly having the shadows disappear.The shadows were used merely to act as a definer, the dark shades in the crease (usually rich chocolaty browns) to shape the eyelid, the blue-based whites used to highlight her brow bone and act as a brightener that would easily compliment and show off her beautiful  brown eyes. Along with some white liner on the waterline, a dot of red lipstick was also stamped onto the inner corner of her eye to brighten her sparkling eyes as well.
                As for her lush lengthy lashes, those were enhanced and made to look longer by a faded line that extended from the bottom of her eyes in parallel to the top line. Her eyeliner primarily consisted of a wet angled brush and brown eye-shadow as opposed to the black that most would presume she'd use. Also, for the effect of having slanted eyes, her makeup artist would only use the outer corners of false eyelashes, to make the look of her lash-line all the more angled, as the lashes were made to look fuller at the ends. Also, between the two lines, the bottom and upper ones of her lash-lines  there was lightly shaded a feint hue of white to make the top and bottom liner all the more distinct, which had been primarily in hopes of accentuating her lash-line as well as the increasing the illusion of the length of her lashes.

2. Lips: The second of my favorite "Old Hollywood" inspired makeup looks is that of the lips. The lips were often lined to be bow shaped and richly adorned with vibrant hues of red in that time period. Marilyn was known to wear layers and layers of various shades of red... the darkest color startinat the outer part of her lips, the lighter increasing the further it went into her lips. As lip-gloss was quite scarce in that time period, Vaseline was used on Marilyn's lips to achieve that shiny glossy look that we now have such easy access to in this day and age. 

                   So, with these tips, my dear and beautiful readers, I hope you find yourself apt in achieving that glamorous Monroe or Harlow look you've been longing for! Below, there will also be a few links with MY personal favorite blogs and video tutorials that should aid in obtaining the look as well! <3 Kiss Kiss ; )












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  2. When it comes to putting make up, I always focus on my eyes and lips. These are the common assets of every woman that need to be enhanced more. But then, as there are several tricks that you can learn on the Internet, it's best if you try on something that makes you comfortable.

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    1. Very true! For me, however... I always have the most fun with my eyes and lips! I love the endless varieties of lipglosses, lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, etc., that can be used on these two assets. However, like you said... it really depends on what that person is the most comfortable with! :)