Monday, 8 April 2013

The Evolution of Womanly Curves

The Evolution of Womanly Curves

                Now, I know that I have been very adamant in promoting every HEALTHY body type (meaning that we shall exclude both that of any starved size 0 frames that are only achieved through very health risking tactics as well as the types that comes from too many donuts, soda pops, potato chips and ridiculous amounts of time strewn over the couch doing nothing) however, I feel that sometimes, the once celebrated size of  a woman... a healthy one of approximately a size 8 to a size 14 seems to be neglected in appraisal primarily in the fashion industry. 

              Maybe its the constant force for us to behold such ghastly thin models, models that appear to be suffering from the final stages of starvation gracing the runway and so consistently as well, as well as the admiration the earn for their so called "beauty" that makes the curvier ladies out there feel sort of self conscious and well... not pretty. However, I am here to reassure y'all curvy beauties out there, that healthy (and not bone thin frames) are definitely making a major comeback in both the runways and Hollywood. Besides, there's always the fabulous old forties and fifties there, acting as a reminder of the true beauty of curvier women. 

           I just want all of my lovely readers (who were not made a size 2 or smaller) to know, that with your curves... the things that you so often label as "flaws" you are usually made to look all the more womanly and beautiful! So, the next time you pass on that chocolate cake for some birthday celebration with the hopes of chipping away at some of your curves (which many woman so oftentimes regard as flaws), take a moment and just realize that you are beautiful and that you deserve to celebrate with a plethora of goodies every now and then! 
           Don't punish and deprive yourself for no reason, just as long as you've been dedicated in staying healthy with a veggie and fruit-filled diet during the week! There's no reason to feel even the tiniest bit of guilt for just enjoying yourself a little here and there, life's too short to worry about such shallow things!

               Besides, learn to celebrate and fall in love with your body type... so, what if you'd rather be ruler-thin like an Audrey Hepburn... learn to fall in love with your Marilyn curves if that's the way you were built and meant to look! My mom has always told me that you'll only look the most beautiful at your true weight, meaning that you ought not strive to drift any slimmer or heavier than the size that God has intended you to be! Just stay and love the way you are and were meant to look! So, with all this said, shall we raise a glass to all of my beauties with healthy curvaceous figures out there? Have a lovely Wednesday... and if you've deprived yourself, set a day for you to enjoy even just the tiniest bit of your favorite candy bar (in moderation, as that is the only healthy way ;))

         So, enjoy that Banana Split that you should happen to crave every now and then... and stay clear from any sense of guilt just so long as your other days are filled with all of your healthy food groups! 

Take care, dolls! <3 xoxoxoxo ~ Erin


  1. Just had to say that I love your blog! I think I've read every blog post that you've written. I think that as women we need to hear these smart and kind words! Oh and btw, how are you getting these little clips of old movies on your blog? I've never seen anything like it!

  2. Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear that! :) I actually find the little clips of old movies from Tumblr... I believe they're called "gifs". I discovered them recently and immediately became obsessed with them! haha