Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Gateway to Artistic Fashion

      The Gateway to Artistic Fashion


           Today I've been inspired by the looks of the mod 60's. You know, the trends influenced by the beautiful; Twiggy, Edie, Jackie, Audrey and Marilyn (shortly before her death) as well as the lovely Miss Bardot? There was something so whimsical, so care-free yet classy, lady-like and sophisticated about the looks! 

          The block jackets, vibrant trench coats, cat eye sunglasses, statement jewelry pieces, etc. all offered a whole new outlook on fashion and yet seemed to do so in such a lady-like and elegant manner. Sure, we were heading into a whole new perspective of fashion, and yet, most of these notable trendsetters (listed above) kept it very glamorous and lovely as well as laced with an artistic sense, with their new and unique spin on your average; pencil skirts, pumps, pillbox hats, pearls, etc. All of which seemed to be transformed into a whole new color scheme; rich olive greens, pale posy pinks, bright yellows, vibrant oranges, blues etc. as well as a vast majority of new spins on fabric patterns. 
             Their timeless makeup (think cat eye-liner and cherry/coral veiled lips) had also offered a whole new view on things. Faces were now treated as canvases, means for expressing oneself with spider lashes or doll-like liner. The 60's was one of the biggest gateways for a whole new and more artistic take on fashion. Celebrate this cherished and time-changing era with me by possibly considering the idea of adding some of the ages most appreciated fashion-looks to your closet! ;) 

Shopping List

Inspirations: Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy, Jackie Onassis, etc. ;) 

1. Trench Coats: I don't know about anyone else, but whenever I see an elegant trench coat, the first thing that comes to mind is just automatically... well, the sixties! So, why not incorporate these stylish pieces into your wardrobe in hopes of adding somewhat of a sixties flare? Here are a few fabulous deals I found on the item! 

Notice the elegance of the timeless yet retro looking piece! Stunning! 

2. Cat Eye Sunglasses: An obvious and most famed piece that primarily existed in this era were these spunky, yet flattering shades. Use the links below to find yourself some snazzy shades, some are blasted in blinding colors that just scream the radiance of a hot summer day, while others shine with appliques and various other adornments that just at to the whimsy of the fashion piece!

3. Vintage Brooches: Alright, face it, these precious pieces have been buried in the deepest part of our jewelry box for way too long! You know, the section where we hoarded away those old jewelry pieces that we'd somehow inherited from elderly relatives of ours? However, let's not forget about the beauty and bit of charm that this delicate and imaginative piece adds to one's look, needless to mention the plethora of elegance it can offer. Pin it to a side of your fashionable trench coat or even to your favorite handbag to add somewhat of a statement to it, as well as the tiniest pinch of glamour! ;)

3. Mod Shoes: Now, as we all know, shoes are a VERY important part of our look. They seem to be the final and sometimes the most vital touch in hopes of setting off the look we had been aiming for. Look through this collaboration of sixties-esque shoes with, some of them, a touch of modern! ;)

5. 60's Inspired Clutches: Now, as for another vital fashion piece that I find absolutely essential for one to add to their 60's inspired fashion look, would definitely have to be a clutch! There's nothing quite like the radiance and polished look that this simple piece can offer to your look (needless to say, your 60's-esque look)! 

6. Vintage Silk Scarves: Now, these staples, like vintage brooches, tend to be overlooked at times (most especially veiled glamorously over one's hair and paired with some trendy shades) however, I do feel that these pieces are the perfect accessory to any outfit. Whether worn around one's neck or over one's head in hopes of protecting one's rigorously style hair from any ghastly winds that might be sweeping throughout the city, these precious fashion pieces deserve to be donned and celebrated more often! 

        Now, these are just a narrowed down list of my most favored and beloved 60's inspired pieces, however... feel free to comment with anymore pieces that you appreciate most from or make you think of the mod-sixties! Oh! I also suggest shooting over to http://www.polyvore.com/ should you crave anymore thrifty sixties inspired pieces... I've been vastly successful in discovering most of my steals on there! 
         Before, I head out, however, I hope to also provide links to helpful tutorials for sixties inspired beauty looks. I hope they help! :) 

60's Beauty Looks and Tutorials

La Beehive: Inspired by many beauties that graced the big screen during the era, such as; Audrey in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" as well as acting as a staple piece and cherished look of Miss Bardot, this look has never ceased to charm and impress me! In fact... lately I've noticed other newer Hollywood starlets channeling the style on the Red Carpet, think Jessica Alba, Adele, etc.! ;) Below is a link to a tutorial that I feel will immensely assist you in your endeavor to successfully perform this classy and beautiful hairstyle on yourself! 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDjkMZR-el4 Oh, and kudos to miss "CherryDollFace" from YouTube in making such a helpful tutorial! Her results seem flawless as well! 

The Flip: Now, think of "Bewitched" for me, think of Elizabeth Montgomery's hair in it and there you have a clear understanding of the look! Also, another notable beauty who channeled this look was also the lovely and stylish miss Jackie O. Below, is a link by the lovely miss "StrawberryKoiVinta" that offers a helpful tutorial for the style! ;) Enjoy!

Last of all, here are a few links for YouTube tutorials that are aimed in guiding one through the process in achieving Twiggy and Edie-like makeup looks! Have fun, dears! <3

Have a groovy evening now, dolls! xoxoxoxo <3


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    1. Thanks! Love your blog as well, simply fabulous! I'll be sure to follow it! <3