Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Pros and Cons of Cupid's Majestic Bow

 The Pros and Cons of Cupid's Majestic Bow


        Now, I know that yesterday’s post was a really optimistic one about Valentine’s Day… and it can definitely be a holiday so enchanting that not even one word in the English language can be used to depict it’s grandeur, however, we all know (especially us lonely and single people) that the holiday can also act as a grim one, one filled with mere reminders of our loneliness and desolation! In fact, I might go so far as to compare it to the sight of a scar from a previous wound on our body, the dark spot’s existence merely acting as a painful reminder of how much grief and agony that that wound had once caused us! However, DON’T get me wrong, if spent with the right person and sometimes people (our close girlfriends, you know the ones that justify our being single?), it can most undoubtedly be one of the most thrilling and unforgettable days of the year. 
           Ah! If only there were a way in which I could describe the excitement that rushes through your body, almost like a flash of lightning riddling from the top of your head to your toes when your Valentine shows up at your front door, a bundle of roses and even a cheap teddy bear in his hand! The smile that such an event paints on one’s face seems almost permanent, and for awhile it’s hard to believe that you’re not in Heaven! The stars seem to shine like diamonds and despite the February frost that plagues the outdoors, nothing seems apt in fazing us, less it be joy! Blossoms of fireworks seem to be blasting within our love-struck minds, thoughts that exist behind our toothy grins and beaming, love glossed eyes! Until you've experienced it, however, you’ll never know the ecstasy that the par takings of true love has to offer, and for some, this is just the perfect day to cherish and contemplate your appreciation towards Cupid’s merciless bow, a bow which strikes an unearthly joy inside of us… one that can, however, also inflict upon us an indescribable pain. 
          Sometimes, in fact, it feels almost as if Tchaikovsky dream-like sonata composed especially for the unforgettable romance between Romeo and Juliet is gently whispering in my ear whenever I’m even near that man that I truly love! Yes! Love IS a many splendor-ed things and is most definitely NOT something to be taken for granted! <3 
           Now, as to return to the point in which I'd started, I'd like to first begin by stressing how even those that have found themselves riding solo on this romantic holiday can enjoy themselves, and despite what most may think, you most definitely don't have to face the holiday with an excess of misery and loneliness! haha. If you ask me, I am nearly certain that a big part for our local grocery and drugstores in selling big velvety heart shaped boxes of creamy milk chocolate truffles is primarily intended for us lonely, partner-less souls who have nothing better to do than to drown our sorrows in our boxes of heart-shaped truffles and cherry cordials! 
      It's really a matter of NOT thinking about your pain, however, if you should ever hope to skip the depression that might so often plague the holiday when you find yourself single! Just think, ladies, the day doesn't just have to be used as an excuse to have a romantic dinner with our true loves, and in fact, the holiday can very well be cherished with the devouring of decadent chocolates (you can resume your diets tomorrow! ;)) and enjoy ourselves in front of our television sets, soaking our pain in tragic yet romantically enchanting movies! Besides, remember that being lonely is a LOT better than being involved in an unhappy relationship! 
       How many songs have been written by bitter woman, angry towards love and all it's anguish, about how "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" or how "Diamonds are Forever" and more reliable than men, and if you, my dears, find yourself having to resort to a similar philosophy in finding happiness in temporary, substance-less pleasures, then please, know that it's all OK! So, with all that said, please, promise me that there'll be no tears, no depressing thoughts or yearnings for somebody to take your desolation away by filling in as your "Valentine"! Just try and stay happy... hey, why not enjoy some coffee with your other close and fellow-single girlfriends? 

      Also, please, don't be afraid to indulge in a little helping of chocolate delights either (one day is NOT going to hurt) besides, why increase your chances of misery by binding yourself to some sugarless, lettuce-infested diet on such a gloomy day, when chocolate's there, waiting to make you feel better? Now, remember, my lovelies, single or not, please don't forget that you are truly something special! ;) xoxoxoxo

Je t'aime, My Dears! <3 

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