Monday, 18 February 2013

True Beauty

True Beauty

         I know that we have been avid in discussing the glitz and glamour that often makes up beautiful fashions and makeup looks lately, you know; red lips, glossy Veronica-like tresses, etc. but I also wanted to write an article in celebration of something that we all have, deep down inside of us, whether it be through our vibrant and love-filled hearts, a quality which is often, in my opinion, revealed through something as little as a smile. Strangely, however, I haven't been apt in beholding many smile-beaming women lately. 
        Beautiful in stature and superficial manners, yet notably infested with pride and a sense of unhappiness. Sure, we often behold models which grace the runway, a look of poise and sophistication as well as glamour plastered over their somehow gloomy looking faces. Their expressions bear a look which easily lets off the vibe that they are unapproachable and vastly overcome with some means of depression, unhappiness and sometimes, in fact, they let off the air that they are stuck up and or aloof. 
         Now, don’t misinterpret me… I can appreciate their beauty and sometimes breath-taking fashions, in fact, my own philosophy is that every single individual has one feature of beauty, whether lie in their eye-color, smile, complexion, etc… but, on the other hand, I do strongly wish for and yearn that more smiles were donned down the glitzy runways by the doll-like beauties. A smile, to me, seems to so easily express the inner beauty and kindness of that person; it makes me automatically think “Hmm… that person is approachable and friendly in appearance! I admire how they are both stunning on the outside as well as the inside, as their smile denotes. I'd like to meet and get to know them!” That’s what smiles generally make me presume of that person’s character, anyway... and I think it tends to have the same effect on most other individuals as well. 
      The radiance that a smile lets off is almost spell-binding. However, I do know that when some beautiful person is walking past me, their lips pouted and their eyebrow sometimes raised in an analytically-aimed and yet sophisticated manner, that their demeanor often lets off a vibe that often denotes their at least “thought of” superiority in looks towards me, and makes me desire for nothing more other than to flee from their coldness. You know, that woman who looks like she just climbed off the runway, and seems to have a way about her that immediately says “I am a confident and beautiful person... and you aren't.”
              I prefer, however, those beautiful women who aren't ashamed to smile. Some beauty queens look almost as if they’re afraid to smile, almost as if in doing so, a piece of their ego might be chipped away at. Anyway, hopefully I’m not just rambling on, and hopefully you've been able to perceive my originally intended point and purpose for this article… that basically, no matter how tall and thin you are, how perfect a complexion you have, how long your lashes are, how shiny your hair is, etc. you should never be ashamed to smile. It’s not going to take away your beauty and due respect, but add to it… I know many feel as though they somehow lower themselves whenever they seep down to the other’s level, with a smile.                            
          Perhaps, their stern and pouty expressions offer them a sense of dominance and lets off a prideful nature of them and their superficial beauty, however, I feel that those woman with hardly any makeup on, who are healthy and happy, as well as radiant with kindness, make for the most beautiful of people. Ever thought of channeling a more natural and earthy-based look? One that compliments your true/natural beauty and that is eager to assist you in increasing the beauty of your smile? Have you ever realized that sometimes a smile is really all you need to wear on your pretty face? 
        What is the saying… “A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear.”? So, less worry about how many cosmetics and layers of false lashes  you can cake on, but more effort into a more flawless and natural beauty that displays both the inner and outer loveliness of you, my Beauty Queens. ;) 

       We all have something beautiful about us, you know, not just beautiful, but... beautiful! Beneath all of the powders and kohl liner as well as layers of mascara and bronzer, we all have this natural beauty, this sun-kissed skin, the true shape of our eyes, not laden with falsely extended lash lines and chalked over with unnatural purples and coppers, we all have a natural God given beauty to us. Now don’t misunderstand me on this either, I definitely enjoy having fun with my makeup, trying on different looks and what not, and sometimes making a canvas of my face (I am an artist), however, I do feel that we all need to show that friendly and beautiful side to us more often.

        Now, be sure to walk the walk as well, and try and do something kind for a stranger on the street, in hopes to channel the inner beauty of your soul as well! We all seem to reserve ourselves from strangers; we don’t know them, why treat them like a friend? However, all of us being children of God, we should ALL be kind and loving to one another! Heck! We all know how easy it is to be friendly to a close relative or acquaintance, (you know, someone who's easy to get along with, or as treated us lovingly?) however, why not aim for the harder, and try offering your kindness to some unknown person on the street, someone you don’t know from Adam, as well as that one person who irritates and angers you so immensely? That’s where the true reward lies. 
         Of course, I’m not encouraging you to set yourself up for abuse, and if that person wants to react to your attempt towards friendliness and kindness in a negative or irritable manner, just move on from them and don't think twice about it… at least you did your part in trying!

Here, my lovelies are a few helpful links that pertain to the article! Hope they prove beneficial! <3 

Below are a list of 29 acts of kindness to cultivate and channel that hidden beauty of yours! ;)

A natural approach to makeup tutorial by Miss MichellePhan on YouTube lies below, so enjoy that too, dears!
Lastly, I have posted a link to a website that lists the "8 Best Organic Makeup Brands" to aid in your natural and glowing beauty look! :)

Oh, and you might have to copy and paste the links into your browser because my computer's being a bully right now, and I'm too tired to figure out why. haha ;)

       So, my three tips for today, or tonight rather, lie in; smiling more, taking a vacation from any heavy makeup routines you might have adopted and lastly but most especially, being apt in channeling that inner beauty of yours. That hidden beauty that yearns to shine through, with the practice of kind and charitable acts and that can be previewed with something as little as a smile. Aurvoir, my beauties, talk to you tomorrow! Have a restful sleep and be ready to practice all that I have urged of you come sunrise! “Keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about” ~ Marilyn Monroe <3 xoxoxoxo 

P.S. You're fabulous!

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