Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday Lemonade

Monday Lemonade

                       Mondays, are most definitely at the bottom of my list of "favorite days". Yet, with a little bit of family time, out in the leftover snow from the weekend's blizzard, I've been avid in killing the usual blues that tend to come with the day. Sure... we've just stepped out of the fabulous merriment of the weekend, but there's always a way to make lemonade out of the lemons (a.k.a. Mondays) that life offers you. So, call up a friend for a nice luncheon to break up the usually "morbid" and vastly "dull" day, or even set time for some sort of board game with some friends or family. Don't just mope around wishing that it wasn't Monday... make the best of the day.  
               It's almost like being presented with lemons, and ignoring the fact that you have every opportunity to take out the other required ingredients to make some fantastic lemonade that'll quench your thirst perfectly... and humor you until the peaches of the weekend arrive. Take what you're given, my dears, and make the best out of it! Today, I nearly allowed myself to forget that it was Monday and enjoyed a pleasant morning getting an overdue trim at "SuperCuts", window shopping at the mall and taking pictures amid the sparkling pearly white snowflakes that faintly glittered beneath the sunlight with my fabulous sister, Audrey and hilarious lil bro, James (a.k.a. Jimmy Jack). 

             Now to wrap up my day... I think I just might take out the old box of "Apples to Apples" and enjoy the fun and invigorating board game and play a few rounds with my fabulous siblings, then maybe finish my day with a nice cup of tea and some of my fav episodes of "I Love Lucy". Friday will come soon enough, but until then, I plan on making the best with what I have! ;) Enjoy a wonderful Monday, my beauties! <3  

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