Friday, 15 February 2013

The Evolution of Lady-Like Charm

The Evolution of Lady-Like Charm

               Maybe, every once in awhile, that is, we are blessed with the honor of beholding some elegant young lady, you know the one that carries herself with poise, grace and dignity as if proud to call herself a lady? 
    Not just a woman, but a lady! Now, it is vital that a woman not drape her body in frumpy garments, face it… no one is really attracted to tents, my dears! It is excessively important anyway, to dress in hopes of flattering one’s figure, not completely disguising it. However, why leave little to the imagination, either? 
                It takes away a woman’s mystique and elegance whenever she roams the street revealing every inch of her body! When I see, for example, a woman dressed in nothing but a body hugging tank top and low rising shorts that scarcely conceal the upper parts of her thigh, all I really seem to perceive of this woman is that she has no dignity and flaunts her body as if to reveal her willingness to offer it to anyone! 
               Whatever happened to those beautiful women of old who used to wear their flowing floral speckled sundresses, white gloves concealing the lower part of their wrists down to their finger tips? Woman used to wear sparkling strings of diamonds and pearls to compliment their outfits as well as to stand as a symbolism to celebrate their glamour as a woman. 
             Hats with birdcage netting strewn over a woman’s brow were also a customary fashion pick for luncheons or shopping sprees. Their feet had also often been adorned with glossy pastel pumps, not too high (like the stilettos of now) and yet not too short either… providing enough height to their proportion. Besides, I of course don’t oppose entirely to a four inched heel every now and then… it definitely adds to every woman’s confidence and makes for a slimmer and taller appearance, however, I do feel that woman should also be alert in remaining tasteful about what they pair such outlandish fashion statements with. 
                Whenever, for example, you see that lady on the street dressed in, almost a coat of paint over her body (which she seems to think acts perfectly as a dress) with these sky high heels on, it seems merely to give me the vast impression that this is a woman who bears no dignity and yearns for nothing other than to win a lustful man over (which is far from difficult)! Besides, when you think of it… what would you rather, my lovely ladies, a man who falls into lust or a man who falls into love with you?

       In the words of Miss Monroe, who, though a celebrated bombshell of her era (and who at times left very little to the imagination), still seems to believe in keeping classy; “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady.” 
          Now, with these considerations in mind, please remember that you are also a lady and that you deserve respect, not lust. If you carry yourself with the above listed elegance and poise (while also staying clear of tent-like ponchos, however) please remember, that you’ll be most undoubtedly sure to find the perfect man who excessively respects, adores and loves you for more than just your body. 

Have a fabulous evening, my lovelies! ;) 

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