Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Believing In Pink

                            Believing In Pink
                          (Lip Edition ;))

       Pink, I believe is a color any woman should find herself feeling confident and beautiful while wearing, whether it be a little dusting of rose over the apples of her cheeks or garbed over her in the form of an elegant formal gown, however, I feel that my favorite manner of channeling the effortless, chic and feminine color would be glazed or matted over my lips. Nothing seems quite as apt in boosting my self-esteem as well as ordaining a sense of pride in my femininity,  than in wearing the color, especially over my lips.  

           Plus it also seems to compliment my olive-toned complexion and bring out the rouge in my cheeks! It has also been recently stated that pink is the new red as far as lipsticks go, and I might just have to agree with that one! Also, just as my previous article on scarlet lips had proved, there is a shade of pink lipstick for ANY complexion. The drill is fairly simple in making the perfect selection for a hue that’ll perfectly suit your complexion, and it is recommended that those with cool undertones in their complexion opt for cooler shades of pink, while those with warmer undertones, are urged to go with warmer hues of pink. Now that was fairly simple to remember, eh? As for those who are a bit shy about opting for any bold shades of pink, I would suggest that you purchase a sheer formula, that while offering a feint tint of coral, also allows for your natural lip color to shine through. I really hope you consider giving the bold, yet feminine makeup look a try, whether it be with a sheer lip formula or a fuchsia lip color, I know you’ll be impressed! <3 Below is my main inspiration for the trend of bright colored rouge, worn by the lovely Miss Alba (Notice her Veronica Lake curls? Check out my previous post on "ocean waves" if you want to emulate the look!)!

                 So, don’t let your fear of standing out a little block you from giving the look a spin, it’s really just like the glamorous reds that most of you are accustomed to, only offering a more innocent and gentle look! So, my dears believe in pink… the lovely Miss Hepburn did! ;) 

Have a fabulous evening my, Beauty Queens, and don't be shy about giving the look a go... you won't regret it, I promise! xoxoxo <3

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