Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Classic Scarlet Beauty Look

   The Classic Scarlet Beauty Look

Especially to woo your Valentine! ;)  So, how much more elegant and romantic can the classic red lip look get? If you’re among the many of us that are eager to incorporate that fire engine red in our date night looks for the romantic and special evening of Valentine’s Day, then join us as we look through various finishes, colors and looks that our red lips can be made into, there’s no set way of how the classic lip look should be done, and I know that we all enjoy expressing ourselves with our own take on various looks, so whether you end up going with glossy, bright ruby or crimson (hey, why not powder a little bit of red glitter and make your look reminiscent of Judy Garland’s bold and sparkling red heels in “The Wizard of Oz”?) well, regardless of whatever you choose, please remember that your look will never fail to impress as it is an immortal classic that I feel shall forevermore be celebrated!  

Please, however, and I desperately plead, don’t aim for the red lip look that the Queen of Hearts channels in Tim Burton’s cinema-scope take of “Alice in Wonderland”… just leave that for the queen... because, trust me, it's definitely a look that only a queen could pull off! ;) 

Here are some tips for the best shades for your skin tone, my lovelies! <3

The Best Shade of Red for...

Fair to Li
ght Skin: For those of you with ivory or even a "peaches and cream" complexion, opt for a matte red lipstick that leans closely to a mandarin shade as it'll aid in bringing out  and highlighting the undertones that'll so vibrantly add to your radiance and beauty. A few good tips is that you stay clear of any pinkish hues and aim towards more of a brick red.

Beige Complexions: For my sun-kissed beauties, I recommend opting for more of a deep red, crimson-like color with hints of gold, or possibly a bright orange hue which not many seem too keen in pulling off, mind you! 

Golden Complexions: For my golden glowing beauties, I suggest that you lean towards any full coverage gloss without any shimmer, preferably in the stunning shade of "Moulin Rouge" or a richly infused matte coral hue!

Bronze Complexions: For those blessed with the lovely bronze-hued complexion, the best tone of red for you to aspire towards would most undoubtedly consist of shades along the lines of coral as it compliments your complexion immensely, and basically any other vibrant and bold tints. Do keep in mind, and avidly cherish the fact that you can pull off pretty much any other shade of red out there, by the way! :)

Coco Complexions: Now, the best shades for my coco complexioned beauties would most strongly consist of any matte orange/red or rust colors as these tend to keep and compliment the other warm tints that make up your complexion, or in other words keep your look "all in the family". ;) 

Dark Complexions: Last, but most certainly NOT least, the tips and suggestions that I would offer for my deeper and richer hued complexions out there would be that you lean towards any blue-based reds as it acts in offering a chic and beautiful look. Rich velvety reds that contrast with your skin look stunning as well!

Now, my lovelies, head off to your local "Sephora" or even "Target" and "Walmart" and satisfy yourself with the purchase of the perfect lipstick customized for your complexion... it'll be sure to leave your valentine in awe! I promise! ;) xoxoxo

Have a most enchanting Valentine's Day! <3

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