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Reaching The Ideal

Reaching The Ideal
(Accepting how you were made to be! ;))

       It's an obvious and well-known fact that if we eat too much... we'll become obese... and if we eat too little we'll grow malnourished. Both can have an undoubted dangerous effect on one's health. Diabetes and various other health problems are just a few of the pieces that come along with obesity, while starvation caused by anorexia and any other eating disorders are known to cause heart problems as well as many other fatal ailments. 

             In fact, many have experienced death thanks to the trying battle of anorexia, bulimia, etc., notice the late Isabelle Caro above, who'd after a long and tragic battle finally lost her life to the horrible disease in November of 2010 at only 28 years old. A lot of the models in the fashion world have been especially known to face such torturous battles, some, like Isabelle, losing their lives to it. In fact, I recall vividly, once reading an article on a poor model who'd ended up losing the battle while walking the runway, after merely existing off of leaves and diet coke for weeks. 
                That's what the media forces upon young girls! The influence that they must always remain within the size two range in order to remain society's idea of "perfect". I know, I've endured such troubles and pains... it's a vastly difficult rut to climb out of once you've fallen into it. The fear of gaining even three pounds often tortured and pained me, and I recall feeling a sense of worthlessness should I fall into any disastrous eating patterns if even for a day! 
             I'm now pleased to say that the beginnings of my eating disorder were never allowed to get too out of hand. I know the anguish that comes with such media influenced disorders and false perceptions of one's "ideal" size. The truth is, my dears, don't eat too much and don't eat too little... then you will remain the size that Our Lord had intended you to be.                    Sure, I always admired and somewhat envied Audrey Hepburn's below 20 inch waist, but I've also come to realize that that was never meant to be my size... even if I were within my last days of expiring from starvation. 
             I was never intended to be that super small, it's just not the way my body was made. I've embraced with all my heart, however, that I was made to be more of a Marilyn... no matter how many diets and weight I lost, I have come to realize that I will never look like an Audrey. 

                Sure! My eating troubles have blocked the way at times... leading me to unnaturally low weights especially for my height, and, no, it never seemed to look quite right! No, at first, during my early years of being a teenager I never even thought of myself as being too fat. I always knew I liked food and was never itty bitty, but I also knew that I was vastly far from being "obese" as I don't feel that it was ever in my "makeup" to become unnaturally heavy and obese. It was, I suppose after many years of beholding posters plastered with size zero models on them for so many years that finally took the toll, I am quite convinced. 

           Surprisingly, however, I felt myself caring less about that glowing, healthy and carefree look I'd once bore, before my obsession with the scale, and more about that scale reaching lower and lower decimals. Detoxes, and finger foods are not something that'll cut it! I remember always feeling light-headed, weak, and exhausted during these bouts with nutritional deprivation. It wasn't until last year, the year that I had finally achieved my 

goal, my dream weight, which brought me to an excessively low B.M.I. ratio when I finally realized how shallow it was to care so much about your weight that you'd be willing to suffer so much for it. 
              I became really ill and several viruses and stomach flues endeavored to chip more and more away at my naturally slender frame. No, I can't say that I've ever really been horrifyingly thin before those morbid and eye opening days, but I've never reached a weight over what I am supposed to be! It wasn't til those grey days that I finally realized how shallow and substance-less such worries were. Why try and conform to a size that you were never intended to be? 
             Besides, if you were meant to be thin, with a smaller bone frame, and eat a vastly horrid diet of hot dogs and tubs of ice-cream daily, you're not going to look as beautiful as you would have, should you have just eaten a normal and healthy organic-filled diet which would automatically enable you to maintain your originally intended size. Eat the amount you're supposed to! Not too much and not too little, and you shall look and be the way you are supposed to be.
             As for all of us wider framed people, it is just as unhealthy to warp our originally intended size through the painful and dangerous methods of starvation that young girls often resort to! It won't look natural... in a sense it's like "Botox" or "Face-Lifts", as well as "Plastic Surgeries", etc. A non-healthy way to reach one's perception of "true beauty".         Sure with a bit of lip injections one could be liable in achieving Angelina Jolie's full pout... but it would never look natural. 
           That's why I believe that we ought to leave our faces and bodies alone! No over the top surgeries or extreme dieting and just learning to embrace and celebrate who we truly are! Why not enhance our natural beauty with some fancy cosmetics (check out Sephora and other local makeup departments to schedule a makeup consultation appointment for advice) as opposed to such over the top surgeries.
          As for one's size... don't dress frumpy and unflattering but research and opt for more styles that are apt in bringing out your best features. 

 Notice above an avid abuser of "Botox" and various other cosmetic surgeries, an artificial faced Lisa Rinna approximately 49 years old and below which a glowing and naturally aging 37 year old Kate Winslet who embraces the notion of "aging gracefully". Look how much better the natural look suits Miss Winslet, and she looks a lot more like she's suppose to for her age, not faky and artificial like Miss Rinna... and in my opinion a lot more beautiful.
             To sum up this article, I shall end it by saying, whether you were intended to be built like an Audrey or a Marilyn, you are beautiful just the way you are! 

          So, my lovelies celebrate who you are! We were all made to be different shapes and sizes as well as with different face-types, eye and hair colors. So, my lovelies, don't ever conform... the world is eager to celebrate you just the way you are and were intended to be! ;)

Have a fabulous evening and stay beautiful inside and out, my beauties! <3 xoxoxo

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