Monday, 29 July 2013

Copycat Fashion: Glamour Girls!

Copycat Fashion: Glamour Girls!

Ah! that glamorous flare that the classic Hollywood stars use to bear, a plethora of charisma... a flawless elegance! Usually, when I  think of "Old Hollywood Glamour" my mind immediately drifts off to Marilyn and her glittering jewels. I'm immediately brought back to the icy white diamond encrusted accessories that used to elegantly glisten around her wrists and neck. Crystal-like accents that also dangled like frosty white chandeliers from the tips of her ears also seem to hold a place in her iconic bombshell look. Her stunning collection of furs, all of which she'd drape over her shoulders acting as the perfect touch of elegance for the movie premieres she'd attended, also creeps into mind with the mention of classic Hollywood glamour. Fur and diamonds, the two seemed to have so much chemistry when paired together.

So, with our focus being on "Glamour Girl" fashion, I have chosen Marilyn and Elizabeth as our main sources of inspiration. The two seem to hold, in my opinion, the highest titles in the "Glamour Girl" category. They're in my opinion the most ideal means of inspiration in achieving the look! Furs and diamonds are a vital piece in achieving this look, so I have selected a vast collection of the most sparkly jewels as well as the most fabulous furs that I feel would be beyond helpful in the obtaining of this stunning look. 


First off, shall we start with diamonds? I have browsed the online shelves of nationwide jewelry stores and have narrowed down a list with, in my opinion the most glamorous and stunning chandelier earrings... all under $50! All of them are fake as I'm sure you have already assumed... fake diamonds are unfortunately my only option for now. They still seem to do the trick, for a glamour radiating look though! ;)

(1.) These chandelier diamond earrings provide the perfect glamorous touch without being too loud and overwhelming. The perfect touch for a more classy "Glamour Girl" look!

They can be purchased for only $12.00 at the link below!

(2.) These asymmetrical chandelier earrings are the perfect source of glamour. They also provide a not too overwhelming look with their elegant balance between the varying textures of rhinestones.

These $28 earrings can be purchased at the link below! ;)

(3.) These earrings strike me especially as very Marilyn-reminiscent! They're very comparable to Marilyn's iconic look. The threads of diamonds lowering into different lengths, giving the illusion of a V-shape take me immediately back to Marilyn's usual choice of chandelier earrings, the kind that she often paired with a pearly white fur stole.

These Marilyn-reminiscent earrings can be purchased for $23.00 at the link below!

Now, shall we focus on furs? I have compiled a short list of the most glamorous and elegant fur stoles that I could find. Paired with the above chandelier earrings, the look would be very Marilyn and Old Hollywood-esque! 

(1.) This snowy white stole is perfect for a glamorous winter look... providing both style as well as function. Why not pear it with some satin gloves while you're at it?

Can be purchased for $30.40 at the link below!

(2.) This ebony fur stole would provide the perfect contrast between the frosty white diamonds accessorized with it! Also, black and white seems to immediately scream "Classic Hollywood Glam", in my opinion! 

This classy black stole can be purchased at the link below for $30.40!

(3.) This creamy, warm-hued fur coat seems to be the perfect fashion staple... sure to keep you warm throughout the blistering cold December days! The look not only emulates function but glamour as well! 

Can be purchased at the link below for only $59.40! 

Hopefully this post infected you with a series of inspiration in regards to the "Old Hollywood Glamour" look! Next week's "Copycat Fashion" will be based on Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly's classic lady-like style!

Take care, my Beauty Queens!! <3 xoxo Now go and buy yourselves some diamonds and fur!

Friday, 26 July 2013



                              We are, all of us misfits. Nobody ever fully understands us. Nobody can read our mind or dissect our true intentions in life. Some would like to pretend that they know what we're thinking. They claim to have some supernatural power, a power that grants them the ability to know exactly what we truly desire, what our full intentions consist of. People are often hasty in labeling one another... often with false labels. We're not a can of vegetables to be labelled with a straight forward example of our being. I'm not a jar of pickles, my mind is far too complex to be labelled with just one definition! 


Unfortunately, though, we often allow people to brand us, their classifications in regards to us often stick, sort of linger inside of us. We give those other people far too much power when we let them define us with their ignorance... who's to say that they truly understand the intricacy of our minds? Some people would consider a quiet woman, a woman who keeps to herself in a crowd, her face tinted with anguish as "stuck up". Someone who's too good to associate themselves with the rest of the crowd. Those people, however, don't seem to have any clue of the brutality of the war that, that woman may be waging inside of her. Perhaps she's suffered a loss, a loss that left her with an incurable void. Perhaps her self-esteem has been shattered by someone who's found it upon themselves to point out the flaws in the woman's looks. 

We all need to realize, though, that we our not jars of produce and do not deserve to be labelled with only one definition. Don't let the words of others get to you. The way they see you, the way they categorize you... it's never fully accurate. The only thing you should be worried about is, not what other's think of you, but primarily that you remain true to yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else. Let them judge you, those people out there who feel that they have the right to. 

Also, however, it is excessively vital that you remain understanding and sympathetic towards yourself.  You know your own strengths, your own weaknesses better than anyone. A lot of us should be far more considerate towards ourselves. Unfortunately, though, many of us tend to allow our minds to bash ourselves down, make us feel worthless. 

It's not rare to add up all of the negative comments you've received from others. Such dwellings often induce an immediate branding of oneself...usually as a failure. a lot of us are guilty of it. Whenever filled with critical thoughts in regards to one'self, however, I find it crucial to immediately cure the pain by composing a list of all of the things that you do like about yourself. Also, be sure to recall all of the kind things others have said about you. With these important ingredients towards the curing of an overcritical mind, you'll immediately realize that you are NOT a worthless failure. You'll also become aware that you do have control of your mind and that you do NOT have to allow it to beat you down!  

So, right now, take a few moments to write a list of all of the things that make you beautiful. You don't deserve to feel low on yourself... after-all, you are the only you! Celebrate who you are and don't let others break you down. 

          Besides, who's to say that you aren't someone special?

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer Stripes

                         Summer Stripes
          Stripes are an unfading classic in the fashion world! Whenever I see stripes as participants in someone's outfit, my mind automatically spins back to the original fashion queen, Coco Chanel. 

As most of you know, one of her trademark looks had evolved around stripes. You know, a boat neck white top striped with ribbons of navy blue, alongside those flared out sailor-reminiscent pants... glossy white pearls around the neck? So, with all that said in regards to this immortal fashion statement, shall we do some shopping for the perfect striped summer pieces?


(1.) For starters, this cowl neck striped blouse from Dorothy Perkins is both casual, elegant and very reminiscent of Coco Chanel! 

It's also been marked down from $38.00 to $29.00! 

(2.) This white top striped with pale ribbons of blue provides the perfect look for a summer stroll around a local lake! It is also a very sailor-esque look, very reminiscent of vintage sailor uniforms.

This classy top by J. Crew has also been marked down from $45.00 down to $29.99 and can be purchase at the link below.

(3.) This top provides a chic look for a summer BBQ! The cut is also very flattering for any body shape.

This top by "Shoebox" has also been marked all the way down to $34.99 from it's original price of $89.00! 

(4.) This top sold at "20intermix"adds a pop of vibrant color with it's remixed take on the classic blue striped top!

The top can be purchased at the link below for only $49.00 as opposed to it's original marking of $138.00.

(5.) This frilly collared top can be purchased in either peach or a warm cobalt, and provides a sufficient dose of glamour and elegance to a casual everyday look. Can be worn with denim Capris or a dressy pencil skirt! Perfect for any occasion!

This elegant blouse also happens to be on sale for  $45.00 in contrast to it's original pricing of $105.00!

Hopefully my shopping guide for this effortlessly chic and timeless look provided a plethora of inspiration for you, Beauty Queens! Have a wonderful evening! ;) 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Let Them Eat Cake!

                           Let Them Eat Cake!

                Cake has been a worldwide favorite for many many years. As we all very well know, there hardly is anyone out there who doesn't like cake. How could you? I mean there's such a vast variety of different flavors and delicious new textures to try! You may prefer the sweet and spongy texture of Angel Food Cake, or the moistness of a good slice of rich and creamy cheesecake. Whatever you prefer, it's always a highlight and major necessity to have cake at  a birthday party!

Not having cake at a birthday party would be as inharmonious as trying to drive a car without the keys! 

             I think it's absolutely impartial that we enjoy ourselves here and there... and cake seems to be the most successful tactic for obtaining such a level of enjoyment! So, whether or not it may be a birthday celebration, we ought to take out our mixing bowls and recipe books and just bake a cake... even some cheesecake or adorable little cupcakes seem apt to suffice! 

So, with all that said... make someone's day and bake them a cake! Don't forget to make extra though... for those times when cake seems to be the only answer to one's troubles! ;) Here are some recipes for a variety of cakes/cupcakes!

(1.) Classic Chocolate Layer Cake

(refer to the above quote by Audrey Hepburn on how a creamy chocolate cake does a lot for most)

(2.) Cherry Vanilla Layer Cake

Sweet with a cherry on top... can it get any better?

(3.) Oreo Cheescake

Cookies and cream, cheesecake style!

(3.) Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Salty and sweet! I was ecstatic when I found this recipe, a way to make my favorite Starbuck's mocha into a cupcake!

(5.) Cherry Coke Cupcakes

Tried these for my "Sweet Sixteen" and they turned out ahh-mazing!

Enjoy! I hope this post inspired you to try different takes on the beloved classic dessert! A specifically favored dessert of Marie Antoinette! :) 

 ;) Until tomorrow, my beautiful readers!

Go bake a cake! <3 xoxo

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Psychological Rainbows

Psychological Rainbows

            Life can be difficult sometimes... and I know I've already based my last two posts on this topic... so, hopefully I won't be boring anyone who reads this. Why I even write about it so consistently, I don't know. We all know how perilous life's path can be, a path laced with uncertainty... a path, etched with the fear of the unknown. We've all experienced such tribulations at least once before! I don't know, I suppose it sort of helps to talk about it. We all know the right answers to our happiness... maybe they're sort of blurred at times, but we all have a deep down knowledge of these facts. 

Perhaps we enjoy reading literary pieces on the topic due to the fact that it offers a generous amount of inspiration to us. I don't know, at least for me, I feel that it sort of encourages us. It makes us realize that we're not the only ones that sometimes struggle in the midst of such battles, and that there is an answer, a cure for the pain... an effective remedy waiting to be found! That's reassuring to know. It helps us to realize that our happiness has not been lost forever. 


                It's strange though, just when you keep driving down a consistently jagged road, you begin to lose hope and practically resign yourself to tragedy. In other words, you feel like the road will never grow smooth again. That you'll end up losing all control and drive into some ditch beside the winding road. At various points in one's life, one begins to fear that happiness shall remained firmly affixed in the past... never to be found again. It's usually then that the light begins to faintly shine through one's window of hope.

                 It comes unexpectedly, the new-found joy that immediately endeavors to drown out all of the gloominess in one's life. It's sort of like a rainstorm. It has to rain! If it didn't, there'd be no chance of ever having a rainbow to ribbon itself like a colorful arbor in the midst of the cobalt sky. Perhaps we don't want it to rain sometimes. 

We all know it's a fact of life though. A fact that not only haunts nature's surroundings, but also one's psychological state. It sort of, like the rain transforms the pastures into a vibrant emerald, allows us the ability to sort of restore ourselves... rejuvenate ourselves from within. 

With all that said, I believe our bouts of depression to be likened to rainstorms, interior ones. If we never had sorrow, we'd never know the true value and worth of happiness, happy would merely become another thing for us to take fore-granted. It'd be has worthless as constantly having a rainbow to lace the sky, it wouldn't be truly worth cherishing anymore. 

Though it may not come as soon as we'd often like, our happiness a.k.a. "psychological rainbow", we ought to never forget that it WILL, without a doubt, come. Yes, despite how treacherous the storm may become, God will never fail to send us our happiness, a happiness to be cherished all the more with the realization of it's true value. 

Goodnight, My Lovely Readers! xoxo <3