Monday, 15 July 2013

Letting Go of The Pain

                     Letting Go of The Pain

               Feeling worthless? Well that's your fault. It's solely our responsibility to keep ourselves safe from any feelings of worthlessness. Somebody insult you today? No, perhaps it wasn't your fault that they insulted you, but it was without a doubt your fault that you let their words cultivate themselves so deeply into your mind, creating a wave of insecurities and a lack of value in regards to yourself. 

             I apologize if I started out sounding harsh, but I assure you, my sole intentions evolve around the building of your self esteem, the letting go of any unhealthy relationships that delight in severing your ego... it's a rude awakening, but we all need to realize that these heartaches are caused solely due to our permission. We don't have to allow ourselves to be hurt, yet we tend to do so, so continuously without realizing it. 

            Basically, I am here to urge you to drop any negative thoughts pertaining to yourself. It's a difficult task, fighting them all away... it can also be a constant effort, but you can do it! Firstly, I would advice that you forget any persons that initiate these thoughts into your brain.

        Break off the relationship, don't get too involved with them. Yeah, I know... forgive, forgive, but... if someone has insisted on shattering your ego at least one or two times, it is logical that you break the ties the best you can with that person. There's no telling when they'll be up to their old tricks again. Tricks that can end up leaving a terrible mound of damage in your mind, tricks that will also cause you a lot of pain. I'm not saying to be mean to that person or to ignore their existence. You can still be nice to that person, but you just don't need to set yourself up for their criticism... you deserve better and you know it... you have to know it in order to be brave enough to let go! "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt 

          So, with all my ramblings, I shall close with a bit of advice. Stop hurting yourself with your own harsh criticism and don't EVER let anyone hurt you or make you feel inferior without your consent. It is vital that you remember the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, they are so meaningful, and will save you a world of heartache! 

I found that the true way to happiness is discovered by only surrounding oneself with people that boost your self-esteem, who inform you of your true value, not the one's who take pleasure in hurting you and breaking you down. kiss. kiss. I'll talk to you more tomorrow, my beauty queens! <3

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