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Bombshell Beauty Secrets

Bombshell Beauty Secrets

                         I imagine that you all are well aware of those beautiful screen sirens from Hollywood's "Golden age" all the way to the early 60's era. If you haven't seen them all, you've most undoubtedly taken at least a glance or two of Marilyn Monroe or the beautiful violet-eyed legend Liz Taylor at least a couple of times in your life! Well, if you've become infatuated by the effortless glamour these stars so flawlessly emulated, then I am more than certain that you shall find yourself enticed by today's article! In this article I'll be including a variety of bombshell beauty tips... meaning that there'll be plenty of tutorials for big Brigitte Bardot-esque hairstyles as well as glossy curls and cherry glazed lips like Marilyn's... oh, and lets not forget some eyeliner secrets from the almond eyed beauty Sophia Loren as well as some advice on maintaining those ridiculously full lashes like Liz Taylor! ;) I hope you all enjoy!

With that said, let us start out with Brigitte Bardot's glamorous and voluminously piled hairstyle! Tutorials will be found below both gifs!

The links above will also include a tutorial for achieving the beautiful French actress's makeup look as well! Also, below I have included some necessary products for obtaining the look!;) 

Volume Hairspray of course!

This "Aussome Volume" hairspray from Aussie costs as little as $3.29 at your local drug store and provides effective results!

Also, we can absolutely forget to include the fabulous teasing comb... a vital part of this hair look!

The teasing combs above are a product of Cricket and only cost $3.99 each!

Next, a huge staple in the fashion industry has, and I believe shall endeavor to hold a steady place as one of the classiest makeup looks of all time, Marilyn-inspired siren red pouts!

Below, I have included a couple of tutorials for the perfect red lip look. I hope they prove to be helpful! I personally found them very beneficial to my attempt at the ruby pout. :)

Below you will find the necessary ingredients for achieving this glamorous bombshell look! ;)

I found this fire engine red lipstick by Kelly Brook to be both affordable and irresistible thanks especially to the polka dot designs it's adorned with! 

Now, as for the price, (I nearly died from the affordability of such a good quality and adorably decorated lipstick)... but, yeah... it only rings in at $4.52!

Next on the list of ingredients, lip liner, for both a more "bold" look as well as for longer lasting color! This "Jungle Red" lip-liner by "NARS" especially caught my eye! :)

It sells for $22.00, it's definitely not the cheap sort of lip-liner one might find for $1.99 at their local drugstore, but it's high quality definitely makes up for it!

Then of course, for a more glossy finish like Marilyn's iconic look tended to consist of, due to her regular habit of glazing her lips with "Vasoline", there's always a high demand for lip gloss, especially this red "high shine" lip gloss from "Forever 21"! Plus, it's covered with rhinestones! ;)

Oh, yeah... and did I mention it only costs $3.80? Click the link below to purchase the dreamy scarlet gloss a.s.a.p.! 

Now, I feel it vastly important that we take a few moments to practice achieving the legendary Elizabeth Taylor's bold brow look, the perfect touch for any bombshell-inspired look. 

I have also attached an "easy brow tutorial" by "leighannsays" to guide you through the process!

Below is an eyebrow pencil equip with a slanted tip and grooming brush at the top. This handy pencil is a product of Barney's and sells for $32.00.,default,pd.html?utm_source=Hy3bqNL2jtQ&utm_medium=affiliate&siteID=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-jqLzuK8KB3uZziNL7p4Lsg

If, however, you aren't up to spending over 30 bucks for an eyebrow pencil, despite whatever high quality it may possess, perhaps this "No. 7" "Beautiful Eyebrow Pencil" for merely $7.00 may do the trick! ;) This thrifty brow liner can be found and purchased at your local "Target". The link to "" can be found below if you'd rather have it shipped right to your door! ;)

Also, here's an effective trick that my mom once taught me! It's simple and creates a very "glamorous" and "groomed" look. Douse your brow brush in holding hairspray to permanently hold your brows together throughout the day! ;)

Now, last of all, but certainly far from least, let us take a moment to focus on eyelashes! Being a "mascara junkie", I find myself especially eager to discover new ways to create thick and lengthy lashes. Who doesn't love Marilyn's glamorous and full eyelashes? Think of all of your favorite "bombshells" and tell me which one of them doesn't take care to include lush bold lashes to their look!

Oh, and did you know that the beautiful "Elizabeth Taylor" had two rows of lashes to lace her sparkling violet eyes? 

Below you shall find a link to a tutorial that'll aid in your quest to achieve bombshell-worthy lashes! ;)

Lastly, I have included three of the most effective mascaras for creating effortless volume!

You can purchase this "Lancome" volume-savvy mascara at the link below for exactly $28.00! 

This "Lash Domination" mascara, a product of "Bare Minerals" can be purchased at "Sephora" below (just click on the link below!;)) for $18.00!

The last product I shall endeavor to promote would be the most inexpensive purchase of the three, "Lash Adapt" mascara by "No7", ringing in at a minuscule $7.99!"

Oh, and before we conclude this post, I can't refrain from mentioning that a natural looking, edge enhancing pair of false lashes never hurt anyone! For example, Marilyn often wore just the ends of false lashes for a more "glamorous" appeal. :)

This pair of false lashes can be purchased at the link below for $15!


Hopefully this article will aid in adding a more "glamorous", "bombshell-esque" look to your beauty routine! kiss. kiss! ;) <3 

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