Thursday, 4 July 2013

England's Rose


                           England's Rose

                Back in the year of 1961 in a park-house on  the 1st of July to the proud parents, Edward John and Frances Spencer Viscount, a small baby girl was born. A girl who's name would be renowned, often bordering many of international tabloids. The name of a woman who'd be chased down by an endless sea of anxious photographers and newspaper editors, a woman who's legend would transcend her untimely ending. A woman who'd one day grace the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral on the 29th of July in the year of 1981, while countless people from around the world watched from their television sets. All beheld in awe as she stepped out of her Cinderella-like carriage, her father's elbow linked to hers, all enticed by the beauty of her white lace adorned gown, a seemingly endless train of the finest fabrics grazing behind her. Upon her brow had resided a glistening diamond tiara. A bouquet overflowing with gardenias, roses, orchids, stephanotis, miniature icy, tradescantia, as well as sprigs of myrtle and veronica between her delicate fingers. 

                 Due to the above pictures, I am sure that you have been observant enough to notice that in each photo, the princess beams a friendly grin, her hand elevated and waving back and forth, as if to emulate the vast amount of charm and charisma that had lingered inside of her. With the sight of the above photos, I imagine that it has become apparent, which caused her to become an immediate figure to be celebrated by the public. In fact, she was often referred to as "The People's Princess". 

                       Behind the seemingly effortless and charming smile that she often donned for the public, however, there had been buried within her, a sad, timid and vulnerable young woman. Married into royalty at merely 20 years old, the princess continued to struggle with the common battles that all must face with the beginnings of adulthood and it's endless responsibilities. Just on the verge of turning 21 years old, the princess gave birth to Prince William, Prince Harry being born a scarce 2 years later. She loved her children, they were the primary source of her joy. 

                It hadn't been long after the birth of William, however, that she'd found herself slipping into postnatal depression. With a series of psychological wellness from time to time, however, the Princess had yet to face an endless assortment of depressions, many caused from the anxiety brought on by all of the struggles that she'd found herself entangled in. One of which being, the abrupt coming of her important role as "Princess Diana of Cambridge", a continuous pressure-filled and daunting means of reality in her life. With the combination of that as well as having her name repeatedly printed on tabloids, all of which bickered over as little issues as the way she styled her hair, the way she dressed, etc., etc., as well as her depressions being continuously misunderstood and falsely labeled by the royal family as a means of instability, there was no question that things soon began to take a turn for the worse.

                  She would be yet to face "bulimia" as well as a depression which caused her to physically harm herself, her arms and her legs in particular. All of which in her own words being the only means of "coping" with the excessive chain of depressions that began to plague her life. 

                           Despite her repeated battles with depression, however, the Princess still endeavored to do her best in remaining both a devoted mother as well as an activist who's sole intents had been that of to primarily relieve the sufferings of the poor and less fortunate from around the world. Despite some of the public's ideas of her acts being merely a means of obtaining "positive publicity", Lady Diana continued to remain a devoted activist against poverty and suffering. She did not allow the false accusations against her get in the way, and continued with her effective role towards society, her sole intent (to relieve the poor and suffering) remaining as her prime objective and not the public's opinion of her.  

                     During these times of her contribution to the fight against those struggling with both psychological and health ailments as well as poverty, however, the princess had found her own life consumed by an ocean of tragedy that had begun to sever her marriage to Prince Charles. 

"There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded" Princess Diana said in an interview with BBC shortly preceding her tragic death, the third person in their marriage being, Camilla Parker Bowles, an old flame of Prince Charles. With the rekindling of Prince Charles' affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, it had only been a matter of time before Princess Diana had finally been strong enough to grasp the fact that their marriage was over, despite her continuous efforts to hold their shattering marriage together. 

With the divorce being finalized, the fairy-tale soon came to an end, shortly before Princess Diana's own life had been tragically and prematurely ended. 
                    On the 31st of August, in the year of 1997, the Princess, at the young age of 36 years old, found herself faced with her final battle, a violent car accident brought on by her own chauffeur's level of intoxication. The rage of the paparazzi that had so continuously lingered over her throughout the years, also playing a part in the tragedy, the graveness of their contribution undetermined. With broken hearts, all of the country, as well as the rest of the world bid farewell to their "princess", "The Princess of Hearts", whose life had been ended far too abruptly. Her departure, however, leaving a far more terrible void in both of her son's lives.

                      Far too shortly had the Princess been taken, her legend, however, endlessly lingering over her country as well as the rest of the world, who's hearts she'd truly touched. 

So, in remembrance of her 52nd birthday, which had actually landed on the 1st of July, I would like to bid a heart-felt farewell to Lady Diana, an inspirational figure who charmed and stole the hearts of millions. With that said, goodbye England's Rose! <3 xoxo

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