Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer Stripes

                         Summer Stripes
          Stripes are an unfading classic in the fashion world! Whenever I see stripes as participants in someone's outfit, my mind automatically spins back to the original fashion queen, Coco Chanel. 

As most of you know, one of her trademark looks had evolved around stripes. You know, a boat neck white top striped with ribbons of navy blue, alongside those flared out sailor-reminiscent pants... glossy white pearls around the neck? So, with all that said in regards to this immortal fashion statement, shall we do some shopping for the perfect striped summer pieces?


(1.) For starters, this cowl neck striped blouse from Dorothy Perkins is both casual, elegant and very reminiscent of Coco Chanel! 

It's also been marked down from $38.00 to $29.00! 

(2.) This white top striped with pale ribbons of blue provides the perfect look for a summer stroll around a local lake! It is also a very sailor-esque look, very reminiscent of vintage sailor uniforms.

This classy top by J. Crew has also been marked down from $45.00 down to $29.99 and can be purchase at the link below.

(3.) This top provides a chic look for a summer BBQ! The cut is also very flattering for any body shape.

This top by "Shoebox" has also been marked all the way down to $34.99 from it's original price of $89.00! 

(4.) This top sold at "20intermix"adds a pop of vibrant color with it's remixed take on the classic blue striped top!

The top can be purchased at the link below for only $49.00 as opposed to it's original marking of $138.00.

(5.) This frilly collared top can be purchased in either peach or a warm cobalt, and provides a sufficient dose of glamour and elegance to a casual everyday look. Can be worn with denim Capris or a dressy pencil skirt! Perfect for any occasion!

This elegant blouse also happens to be on sale for  $45.00 in contrast to it's original pricing of $105.00!

Hopefully my shopping guide for this effortlessly chic and timeless look provided a plethora of inspiration for you, Beauty Queens! Have a wonderful evening! ;) 

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