Tuesday, 16 July 2013

It's all just make believe, isn't it?

It's all just make believe, isn't it?

               Do you ever feel like your sinking? You know, that feeling where you find yourself being swallowed more and more by the pain of shattered dreams, or perhaps the gaping hole that is left with the loss of a loved one? It all may sound rather morbid, but it's a fact of life. 

We all subject ourselves to it, usually without realizing it. Sometimes I find myself wishing that I couldn't feel anything at all, especially when the heartache grows too heavy. It can be caused by a million things, life seems so clustered with endless traps of heartbreak and sadness at times. 


         Perhaps, you might fall in love with someone who doesn't even know your alive, even worse, you might find your relationship with somebody growing distant and cold... little things like that, they're enough to (like a raging ocean storm that swallows a ship) sink one's happy spirit, dimming even the faintest gleam of hope's vibrant light at times. It can definitely leave it's victims lost in the pitch black of the night from here to there as well!

              It also astounds me how some of the most valuable and treasured things in one's life, the things that had once been the main source of one's happiness can just turn right around and hurt you. The pain equal if not greater to a knife pierced heart. It tends to come without any warning either. Such tragedies bear the ability to sometimes cripple the victims, making them afraid to ever give their heart to anyone or anything. 

                One of the primary causes of the pains of bidding farewell to a relationship, one that had at one time seemed so true, tends to consist within the echo of certain songs, certain places... even certain seasons. They all seem capable of opening the gates for an ocean of memories, painful ones. At least, that's what seems to be the majority of things that I have found among the outcomes of such disappointments that I have so far suffered in my life. 

                  It hurts, it really does hurt... that rude awakening to a fairy-tale that had only existed merely to wither in the end. It's also excessively painful to grasp, to grasp the realization that your dream-come-true may already be coming to an end. 

Like the final days of spring though, the flowers wither... they wither for the vibrant tangerine and marigold leaves to cascade over the land in their place. Never forget though, that it's not the end. Another dream will come along for you to cherish. In fact, it's usually just when I think that I can't go on, God seems to send me a million reasons to be happy again. 
              With all that said... don't ever give up. With every storm there's a rainbow. God only sends you tribulations that he feels you can endure nobly. Though it stings to watch precious moments, precious memories fade into dust, always remember that there is always a new beginning, and that another fairy-tale will be on it's way before you know it. 

Also, it's important to keep living your life. Don't let anyone ruin your day. Stay positive and remain hopeful. In the end it'll all pay off! ;)

(Of course for me, it's usually a glass of Coke and lemonade... but it still seems to do the trick! ;))

Auf Wiedersehen! xoxo <3 Until tomorrow, darlings!

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