Monday, 30 December 2013

Cheers!: 2014 please be good!

Cheers!: 2014 please be good!

                              I always grow plagued with some sort of anxiety while faced in the leading hours of the upcoming year . My heart rejoices as it beholds the anticipating hearts of all around the world, New York's celebrations being documented in the preceding moments of the ball drop in the heart of Time's Square. I repeatedly tell myself "It's the last few moments" of that current year, the number dimming with every passing second. It's sort of bittersweet, and I won't deny that my grip remains white knuckled and clasping that current yet diminishing year as I watch the final moments of it progress into it's death. In fact, I might even go so far as to call it somewhat terrifying, the thought of a new year. Perhaps that can be blamed on the fear enthralled in the virus of uncertainty. 

                  But then, at the same time... there's a part of me can't help but rejoice with the knowledge that a new beginning is yet to come! A new year, a year fresh with new adventures and explorations, lessons to learn, moments to cherish and add to our collective memories as well as brand new people to meet and treasure deep inside of our hearts. I suppose whilst letting go of the past, learning to move on from what was, we'll be blessed with new experiences to forever cherish. Besides, we're not leaving the current year empty handed! Our hearts and minds bear plenty of jewels and endless gifts granted from the occurrences of the dying year. And with that said, I shall bid farewell to 2013! Here's to a new beginning, a brand new venture in life! I shall finish, however, by thanking 2013 for all of it's precious memories, the ones I'll carry into this next one! So, here's to 2014! Please be good! 

Cheers, everyone!;)

xoxo~ Erin ;)

5 Golden Rings: Remembering the 12 Days of Christmas

                                                           5 Golden Rings
                  Remembering of the 12 Days of Christmas

                                           Call it lazy if you'd like, however, this Christmas season has been loaded with hustle and bustle... especially for me as I embark on the seemingly endless demands of my recently acquired job! Perhaps it could be blamed mostly on the 5 a.m. to 2 o'clock p.m. shifts that drained me in particular. One thing's for certain, however... and that's that there have been no Christmas posts whatsoever on my part, something that I find to be a great and most unfortunate side effect of my chaotic new schedule! 

(No snarky comments either! Working hard's a huge adjustment for me...)

 I just love Christmas... ah! I simply adore it!!

Yes! I'm the girl who has Christmas music blasting in her headphones and on the radio, who loves baking cookies and pies and making snowmen and decorating the tree, so, I suppose if it weren't for my beliefs as a Catholic (that with the 25th of December, Christmas has merely just begun), I'd be beyond devastated at the realization that my opportunities for Christmas posts has already been closed!

 To most out there, with the stroke of Midnight on the 26th of December, it is quickly to be arranged for all of the glistening bulbs laced over the frosty rooftops to be taken down and stored away for next year as soon as possible, the light encrusted pine tree in the living room faced with an appointment with the Waste Management truck the very next morning.


    As for all all of the Christmas items at your local gift-shops, they are set to be marked down in the early hours of that morning as well, their meager prices intended for getting rid of all of the store's Christmas merchandise as quickly as humanly possible.

                           But, if you ask me... everyone could stand to slow down about a gazillion notches. Save that pine scented greenery for a little while longer and let those jewel toned lights sparkle on for a few more weeks. It's still Jesus' Birthday for goodness sake! Why take down the decorations when it's only just begun? Haven't you ever heard of the "12 Days of Christmas"?

Why, it's only the 5th day of Christmas today, not 5 days after the end but the beginning of the Christmas Season! Christ's birthday goes on until at least the Epiphany, when we commemorate the special visit from the Three Wise Men to Jesus, each of whom bore precious gifts to offer the Infant King. 

So, with all that said... please remember that Christmas is not over but has merely just begun. Think of the song "The 12 Days of Christmas". It's only the 5th day and there's still room for plenty of evenings spent watching some classic Christmas films 


some Hot Chocolate and sugar cookies in hand, a fire crackling nearby.

                      Perhaps it takes extra care to ensure the safekeeping of Christmas spirit especially when the commercialization has faded and the focus begins to drift towards other Holidays. Growing up, I had a friend who's family would wait to distribute Christmas gifts, one on Christmas and the next eleven every single following day in hopes to commemorate the continuation of Christmas as well as the easily forgotten "12 Days of Christmas". Perhaps it'll take little traditions like that in order to keep the spirit blazing inside of you even after the 25th has passed. Host some Christmas parties, watch some movies, blast your favorite Christmas songs, and just remember to keep it up even when everyone else has stopped!;) 

So, Merry Christmas, my dear, dear readers!

Keep the Holiday Spirit alive and have a fabulous evening! xoxo

~Erin <3

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Gaining The Courage to Sparkle

             Gaining The Courage to Sparkle

Every now and then we all start to feel inferior, our lives unmeaningful, our entire being worthless and insignificant. At least, I know that I tend to experience painful flare ups of these feelings every once and awhile anyway! 

On the other hand, however, as rarely as most wish to relay it, I'm beyond certain that we are all faced with these bursts of turbulent insecurities. In hopes to keep this post short and sweet... immediate in gaining a clear point, I shall finish off by assigning all of my readers a little bit of homework. Get a sheet of paper, then a pen, take a moment and then begin to jot down all of the things that make you beautiful! And no, it's not conceited or self-absorbed to do so! Sometimes we deserve to take a moment to focus on all of our good points as opposed to all of our negative ones. We tend to focus on the negative aspects of ourselves far often enough!

We can definitely be our worse enemy in the department of self-assurance and confidence tends to primarily grow demolished by none other than our own doubts and criticisms. Just take a moment to do the task I assign. I don't want you just to read it, think "Oh, that's a good idea!" and not do it. It's extraordinary, the positive impact such a little act can have on one's self-worth! So, do it! Don't rid yourself the opportunity to rebuild your confidence, even if it's just for awhile. When you start to feel down on yourself again (which I can assure you that you will), just take out that list, read it and jot down some more positive notes about yourself! Don't let your insecurities drown you from the opportunity to shine! You're a beautiful person, whether you think so or not, and you most undoubtedly deserve to reveal the beauty God gave you!

Have a wonderful Wednesday afternoon, my Beauty Queens, and never let the shadows of self-doubt cripple you from twinkling!;)

~Erin <3 xoxo