Monday, 30 December 2013

Cheers!: 2014 please be good!

Cheers!: 2014 please be good!

                              I always grow plagued with some sort of anxiety while faced in the leading hours of the upcoming year . My heart rejoices as it beholds the anticipating hearts of all around the world, New York's celebrations being documented in the preceding moments of the ball drop in the heart of Time's Square. I repeatedly tell myself "It's the last few moments" of that current year, the number dimming with every passing second. It's sort of bittersweet, and I won't deny that my grip remains white knuckled and clasping that current yet diminishing year as I watch the final moments of it progress into it's death. In fact, I might even go so far as to call it somewhat terrifying, the thought of a new year. Perhaps that can be blamed on the fear enthralled in the virus of uncertainty. 

                  But then, at the same time... there's a part of me can't help but rejoice with the knowledge that a new beginning is yet to come! A new year, a year fresh with new adventures and explorations, lessons to learn, moments to cherish and add to our collective memories as well as brand new people to meet and treasure deep inside of our hearts. I suppose whilst letting go of the past, learning to move on from what was, we'll be blessed with new experiences to forever cherish. Besides, we're not leaving the current year empty handed! Our hearts and minds bear plenty of jewels and endless gifts granted from the occurrences of the dying year. And with that said, I shall bid farewell to 2013! Here's to a new beginning, a brand new venture in life! I shall finish, however, by thanking 2013 for all of it's precious memories, the ones I'll carry into this next one! So, here's to 2014! Please be good! 

Cheers, everyone!;)

xoxo~ Erin ;)

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