Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Vintage Glitter Box: Borrowing Paris

Vintage Glitter Box: Borrowing Paris:                                                                                                                        Borrowin g Paris ...

Borrowing Paris

                                                                                                                      Borrowing Paris <3

     Who doesn't yearn to reside for even just a moment amid the hustle and bustle of the romantic city? The sparkling lights that encrust and etch the "Eiffel Tower", the glisten becoming more and more luminous the lower the sun sets into the water-colored horizon. Ah! And how charming are the little pastry shoppes and diminutive cafes? Couples seated beneath the lines of laundry that are strewn from one window all the way to the other, flowers draping from delicate pots that loosely hang from the window seals of the upper floored lofts, toasting to their many years together! Every one yearns to visit the majestic city; many new and fluffy pastries to try, Chanel and various other staple fashion institutions to visit, and a deep sense of romance whispering amid the breezy night-time air. I know that it has been especially my dream-destination for a good many years... and though I have accepted that it shan't be for awhile, I know that I will make it there one day before I die! I am absolutely determined to! Until then, my lovelies, I just had a most brilliant idea... why not bring the cherished city to me? Why not hold a summer party within the early weeks of June? A summer party with pastries stolen from the beloved city, the charm and stamina that the city has to offer? Like Audrey Hepburn said "Paris is always a good idea"... I feel that this saying holds true whether I should be on my way to visit Paris or should the city be borrowed for my leisure at least until I can afford to go there myself! ;)

Now, first off... you'll be in dire need of some of the enchanting and most treasured pastry recipes. What trip to Paris would be complete with out the decadence that these fine desserts have to offer?

1. Macarons 


2. Charlotte Russe


3. Petit Fours


4. Eclaire Au Chocolat


          5. Croissants 


    Next on the list for the perfect method in stealing Paris for a day, would be to adorn your atmosphere with Parisian inspired art! Bouquets of Roses, Pink and Blacks and a massive photograph of the city... the "Eiffel Tower" gleaming in gold amid the dull black and white hues that caress the rest of the city's buildings. Like this one from possibly Ikea? 


It's size is massive enough to pass as a window view looking upon the tower. 

   A couple of romantic and fabulous movies to play while borrowing the "oh, so romantic" city, would be either "Sabrina" with Audrey Hepburn, William Holden, and Humphrey Bogart (one of my all time favs <3)

or another film with the elegant and sophisticated actress (who was fluent in the city's romantic language) "Funny Face" starring alongside Fred Estaire. 

Next... you absolutely must have some beguiling French music playing in the background ("La Vie En Rose" by Edith Piaf?) oh, and most definitely some lattes or cappuccinos to wash down those delightful pastries you've already baked! ;)

Below is a recipe for the perfect Latte... you can also head down to your local "Sam's Club" for some flavored syrups (vanilla, caramel, raspberry, etc.) as well as some instant cappuccino mixes, if you're lazy like me, my dears. ;)


Oh, now, almost there, you'll also need a poodle to walk down the street dressed in 

CĂ©line. You're friends will be vastly envious! <3 Oh, and make it pink if you can!

Next... you mustn't neglect a few squirts of Chanel like Marilyn below, to accessorize your Paris-worthy outfit that is!

 Now! Have a most fabulous time while "borrowing" the mystical, love-filled city... or need I even bother wishing you luck? ;)

Bon Appetit! ;) Au Revoir, mes pretties! <3 xoxoxo J'taime! 

Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday Lemonade

Monday Lemonade

                       Mondays, are most definitely at the bottom of my list of "favorite days". Yet, with a little bit of family time, out in the leftover snow from the weekend's blizzard, I've been avid in killing the usual blues that tend to come with the day. Sure... we've just stepped out of the fabulous merriment of the weekend, but there's always a way to make lemonade out of the lemons (a.k.a. Mondays) that life offers you. So, call up a friend for a nice luncheon to break up the usually "morbid" and vastly "dull" day, or even set time for some sort of board game with some friends or family. Don't just mope around wishing that it wasn't Monday... make the best of the day.  
               It's almost like being presented with lemons, and ignoring the fact that you have every opportunity to take out the other required ingredients to make some fantastic lemonade that'll quench your thirst perfectly... and humor you until the peaches of the weekend arrive. Take what you're given, my dears, and make the best out of it! Today, I nearly allowed myself to forget that it was Monday and enjoyed a pleasant morning getting an overdue trim at "SuperCuts", window shopping at the mall and taking pictures amid the sparkling pearly white snowflakes that faintly glittered beneath the sunlight with my fabulous sister, Audrey and hilarious lil bro, James (a.k.a. Jimmy Jack). 

             Now to wrap up my day... I think I just might take out the old box of "Apples to Apples" and enjoy the fun and invigorating board game and play a few rounds with my fabulous siblings, then maybe finish my day with a nice cup of tea and some of my fav episodes of "I Love Lucy". Friday will come soon enough, but until then, I plan on making the best with what I have! ;) Enjoy a wonderful Monday, my beauties! <3  

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Reaching The Ideal

Reaching The Ideal
(Accepting how you were made to be! ;))

       It's an obvious and well-known fact that if we eat too much... we'll become obese... and if we eat too little we'll grow malnourished. Both can have an undoubted dangerous effect on one's health. Diabetes and various other health problems are just a few of the pieces that come along with obesity, while starvation caused by anorexia and any other eating disorders are known to cause heart problems as well as many other fatal ailments. 

             In fact, many have experienced death thanks to the trying battle of anorexia, bulimia, etc., notice the late Isabelle Caro above, who'd after a long and tragic battle finally lost her life to the horrible disease in November of 2010 at only 28 years old. A lot of the models in the fashion world have been especially known to face such torturous battles, some, like Isabelle, losing their lives to it. In fact, I recall vividly, once reading an article on a poor model who'd ended up losing the battle while walking the runway, after merely existing off of leaves and diet coke for weeks. 
                That's what the media forces upon young girls! The influence that they must always remain within the size two range in order to remain society's idea of "perfect". I know, I've endured such troubles and pains... it's a vastly difficult rut to climb out of once you've fallen into it. The fear of gaining even three pounds often tortured and pained me, and I recall feeling a sense of worthlessness should I fall into any disastrous eating patterns if even for a day! 
             I'm now pleased to say that the beginnings of my eating disorder were never allowed to get too out of hand. I know the anguish that comes with such media influenced disorders and false perceptions of one's "ideal" size. The truth is, my dears, don't eat too much and don't eat too little... then you will remain the size that Our Lord had intended you to be.                    Sure, I always admired and somewhat envied Audrey Hepburn's below 20 inch waist, but I've also come to realize that that was never meant to be my size... even if I were within my last days of expiring from starvation. 
             I was never intended to be that super small, it's just not the way my body was made. I've embraced with all my heart, however, that I was made to be more of a Marilyn... no matter how many diets and weight I lost, I have come to realize that I will never look like an Audrey. 

                Sure! My eating troubles have blocked the way at times... leading me to unnaturally low weights especially for my height, and, no, it never seemed to look quite right! No, at first, during my early years of being a teenager I never even thought of myself as being too fat. I always knew I liked food and was never itty bitty, but I also knew that I was vastly far from being "obese" as I don't feel that it was ever in my "makeup" to become unnaturally heavy and obese. It was, I suppose after many years of beholding posters plastered with size zero models on them for so many years that finally took the toll, I am quite convinced. 

           Surprisingly, however, I felt myself caring less about that glowing, healthy and carefree look I'd once bore, before my obsession with the scale, and more about that scale reaching lower and lower decimals. Detoxes, and finger foods are not something that'll cut it! I remember always feeling light-headed, weak, and exhausted during these bouts with nutritional deprivation. It wasn't until last year, the year that I had finally achieved my 

goal, my dream weight, which brought me to an excessively low B.M.I. ratio when I finally realized how shallow it was to care so much about your weight that you'd be willing to suffer so much for it. 
              I became really ill and several viruses and stomach flues endeavored to chip more and more away at my naturally slender frame. No, I can't say that I've ever really been horrifyingly thin before those morbid and eye opening days, but I've never reached a weight over what I am supposed to be! It wasn't til those grey days that I finally realized how shallow and substance-less such worries were. Why try and conform to a size that you were never intended to be? 
             Besides, if you were meant to be thin, with a smaller bone frame, and eat a vastly horrid diet of hot dogs and tubs of ice-cream daily, you're not going to look as beautiful as you would have, should you have just eaten a normal and healthy organic-filled diet which would automatically enable you to maintain your originally intended size. Eat the amount you're supposed to! Not too much and not too little, and you shall look and be the way you are supposed to be.
             As for all of us wider framed people, it is just as unhealthy to warp our originally intended size through the painful and dangerous methods of starvation that young girls often resort to! It won't look natural... in a sense it's like "Botox" or "Face-Lifts", as well as "Plastic Surgeries", etc. A non-healthy way to reach one's perception of "true beauty".         Sure with a bit of lip injections one could be liable in achieving Angelina Jolie's full pout... but it would never look natural. 
           That's why I believe that we ought to leave our faces and bodies alone! No over the top surgeries or extreme dieting and just learning to embrace and celebrate who we truly are! Why not enhance our natural beauty with some fancy cosmetics (check out Sephora and other local makeup departments to schedule a makeup consultation appointment for advice) as opposed to such over the top surgeries.
          As for one's size... don't dress frumpy and unflattering but research and opt for more styles that are apt in bringing out your best features. 

 Notice above an avid abuser of "Botox" and various other cosmetic surgeries, an artificial faced Lisa Rinna approximately 49 years old and below which a glowing and naturally aging 37 year old Kate Winslet who embraces the notion of "aging gracefully". Look how much better the natural look suits Miss Winslet, and she looks a lot more like she's suppose to for her age, not faky and artificial like Miss Rinna... and in my opinion a lot more beautiful.
             To sum up this article, I shall end it by saying, whether you were intended to be built like an Audrey or a Marilyn, you are beautiful just the way you are! 

          So, my lovelies celebrate who you are! We were all made to be different shapes and sizes as well as with different face-types, eye and hair colors. So, my lovelies, don't ever conform... the world is eager to celebrate you just the way you are and were intended to be! ;)

Have a fabulous evening and stay beautiful inside and out, my beauties! <3 xoxoxo

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Effortless and Polished look of a Bob

The Effortless and Polished look of a Bob

           Bobs, in my opinion, are one of the most timeless hairstyles... and I am more than sure that most others would be compelled to agree with me, as the look offers such effortless class and elegance! The way it frames the face of a lady, is vastly impressive, and automatically has the ability to bring attention to her high cheek bones or other beautiful feminine features, offering a deep sense of chicness and sophistication. No matter what, the haircut never ceases to appear polished and really adds to the look of one's wardrobe. It's both the most perfect casual and formal-worthy hairstyle there is! Whether you decide on curling it for a more carefree and natural look like Marilyn Monroe, or if you decide to opt for a straight and sleek version of the cut, like Miss Brookes or Knightley, the look will never be frowned upon. So, for those of you who've been considering short hair, I'd suggest giving the look a try... I promise you will NEVER look back at this decision with any form of regret. Plus it takes less time and is a LOT easier to style!

Hey! and if you're anxious about cutting off too much of your cherished locks, yet are still yearning for somewhat of a new look with your hairdo... there's always the "lob" a.k.a. long bob.Take a look at Miss Alba's effortless look (above ;))! Ask for it to be really inverted for a more dramatic and edgy spin as well! ;) Hope you enjoyed this brief yet hopefully inspirational post, my lovelies! Talk to you tomorrow! xoxoxo <3 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Believing In Pink

                            Believing In Pink
                          (Lip Edition ;))

       Pink, I believe is a color any woman should find herself feeling confident and beautiful while wearing, whether it be a little dusting of rose over the apples of her cheeks or garbed over her in the form of an elegant formal gown, however, I feel that my favorite manner of channeling the effortless, chic and feminine color would be glazed or matted over my lips. Nothing seems quite as apt in boosting my self-esteem as well as ordaining a sense of pride in my femininity,  than in wearing the color, especially over my lips.  

           Plus it also seems to compliment my olive-toned complexion and bring out the rouge in my cheeks! It has also been recently stated that pink is the new red as far as lipsticks go, and I might just have to agree with that one! Also, just as my previous article on scarlet lips had proved, there is a shade of pink lipstick for ANY complexion. The drill is fairly simple in making the perfect selection for a hue that’ll perfectly suit your complexion, and it is recommended that those with cool undertones in their complexion opt for cooler shades of pink, while those with warmer undertones, are urged to go with warmer hues of pink. Now that was fairly simple to remember, eh? As for those who are a bit shy about opting for any bold shades of pink, I would suggest that you purchase a sheer formula, that while offering a feint tint of coral, also allows for your natural lip color to shine through. I really hope you consider giving the bold, yet feminine makeup look a try, whether it be with a sheer lip formula or a fuchsia lip color, I know you’ll be impressed! <3 Below is my main inspiration for the trend of bright colored rouge, worn by the lovely Miss Alba (Notice her Veronica Lake curls? Check out my previous post on "ocean waves" if you want to emulate the look!)!

                 So, don’t let your fear of standing out a little block you from giving the look a spin, it’s really just like the glamorous reds that most of you are accustomed to, only offering a more innocent and gentle look! So, my dears believe in pink… the lovely Miss Hepburn did! ;) 

Have a fabulous evening my, Beauty Queens, and don't be shy about giving the look a go... you won't regret it, I promise! xoxoxo <3

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Gateway to Artistic Fashion

      The Gateway to Artistic Fashion


           Today I've been inspired by the looks of the mod 60's. You know, the trends influenced by the beautiful; Twiggy, Edie, Jackie, Audrey and Marilyn (shortly before her death) as well as the lovely Miss Bardot? There was something so whimsical, so care-free yet classy, lady-like and sophisticated about the looks! 

          The block jackets, vibrant trench coats, cat eye sunglasses, statement jewelry pieces, etc. all offered a whole new outlook on fashion and yet seemed to do so in such a lady-like and elegant manner. Sure, we were heading into a whole new perspective of fashion, and yet, most of these notable trendsetters (listed above) kept it very glamorous and lovely as well as laced with an artistic sense, with their new and unique spin on your average; pencil skirts, pumps, pillbox hats, pearls, etc. All of which seemed to be transformed into a whole new color scheme; rich olive greens, pale posy pinks, bright yellows, vibrant oranges, blues etc. as well as a vast majority of new spins on fabric patterns. 
             Their timeless makeup (think cat eye-liner and cherry/coral veiled lips) had also offered a whole new view on things. Faces were now treated as canvases, means for expressing oneself with spider lashes or doll-like liner. The 60's was one of the biggest gateways for a whole new and more artistic take on fashion. Celebrate this cherished and time-changing era with me by possibly considering the idea of adding some of the ages most appreciated fashion-looks to your closet! ;) 

Shopping List

Inspirations: Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy, Jackie Onassis, etc. ;) 

1. Trench Coats: I don't know about anyone else, but whenever I see an elegant trench coat, the first thing that comes to mind is just automatically... well, the sixties! So, why not incorporate these stylish pieces into your wardrobe in hopes of adding somewhat of a sixties flare? Here are a few fabulous deals I found on the item! 

Notice the elegance of the timeless yet retro looking piece! Stunning! 

2. Cat Eye Sunglasses: An obvious and most famed piece that primarily existed in this era were these spunky, yet flattering shades. Use the links below to find yourself some snazzy shades, some are blasted in blinding colors that just scream the radiance of a hot summer day, while others shine with appliques and various other adornments that just at to the whimsy of the fashion piece!

3. Vintage Brooches: Alright, face it, these precious pieces have been buried in the deepest part of our jewelry box for way too long! You know, the section where we hoarded away those old jewelry pieces that we'd somehow inherited from elderly relatives of ours? However, let's not forget about the beauty and bit of charm that this delicate and imaginative piece adds to one's look, needless to mention the plethora of elegance it can offer. Pin it to a side of your fashionable trench coat or even to your favorite handbag to add somewhat of a statement to it, as well as the tiniest pinch of glamour! ;)

3. Mod Shoes: Now, as we all know, shoes are a VERY important part of our look. They seem to be the final and sometimes the most vital touch in hopes of setting off the look we had been aiming for. Look through this collaboration of sixties-esque shoes with, some of them, a touch of modern! ;)

5. 60's Inspired Clutches: Now, as for another vital fashion piece that I find absolutely essential for one to add to their 60's inspired fashion look, would definitely have to be a clutch! There's nothing quite like the radiance and polished look that this simple piece can offer to your look (needless to say, your 60's-esque look)! 

6. Vintage Silk Scarves: Now, these staples, like vintage brooches, tend to be overlooked at times (most especially veiled glamorously over one's hair and paired with some trendy shades) however, I do feel that these pieces are the perfect accessory to any outfit. Whether worn around one's neck or over one's head in hopes of protecting one's rigorously style hair from any ghastly winds that might be sweeping throughout the city, these precious fashion pieces deserve to be donned and celebrated more often! 

        Now, these are just a narrowed down list of my most favored and beloved 60's inspired pieces, however... feel free to comment with anymore pieces that you appreciate most from or make you think of the mod-sixties! Oh! I also suggest shooting over to http://www.polyvore.com/ should you crave anymore thrifty sixties inspired pieces... I've been vastly successful in discovering most of my steals on there! 
         Before, I head out, however, I hope to also provide links to helpful tutorials for sixties inspired beauty looks. I hope they help! :) 

60's Beauty Looks and Tutorials

La Beehive: Inspired by many beauties that graced the big screen during the era, such as; Audrey in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" as well as acting as a staple piece and cherished look of Miss Bardot, this look has never ceased to charm and impress me! In fact... lately I've noticed other newer Hollywood starlets channeling the style on the Red Carpet, think Jessica Alba, Adele, etc.! ;) Below is a link to a tutorial that I feel will immensely assist you in your endeavor to successfully perform this classy and beautiful hairstyle on yourself! 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDjkMZR-el4 Oh, and kudos to miss "CherryDollFace" from YouTube in making such a helpful tutorial! Her results seem flawless as well! 

The Flip: Now, think of "Bewitched" for me, think of Elizabeth Montgomery's hair in it and there you have a clear understanding of the look! Also, another notable beauty who channeled this look was also the lovely and stylish miss Jackie O. Below, is a link by the lovely miss "StrawberryKoiVinta" that offers a helpful tutorial for the style! ;) Enjoy!

Last of all, here are a few links for YouTube tutorials that are aimed in guiding one through the process in achieving Twiggy and Edie-like makeup looks! Have fun, dears! <3

Have a groovy evening now, dolls! xoxoxoxo <3

Monday, 18 February 2013

True Beauty

True Beauty

         I know that we have been avid in discussing the glitz and glamour that often makes up beautiful fashions and makeup looks lately, you know; red lips, glossy Veronica-like tresses, etc. but I also wanted to write an article in celebration of something that we all have, deep down inside of us, whether it be through our vibrant and love-filled hearts, a quality which is often, in my opinion, revealed through something as little as a smile. Strangely, however, I haven't been apt in beholding many smile-beaming women lately. 
        Beautiful in stature and superficial manners, yet notably infested with pride and a sense of unhappiness. Sure, we often behold models which grace the runway, a look of poise and sophistication as well as glamour plastered over their somehow gloomy looking faces. Their expressions bear a look which easily lets off the vibe that they are unapproachable and vastly overcome with some means of depression, unhappiness and sometimes, in fact, they let off the air that they are stuck up and or aloof. 
         Now, don’t misinterpret me… I can appreciate their beauty and sometimes breath-taking fashions, in fact, my own philosophy is that every single individual has one feature of beauty, whether lie in their eye-color, smile, complexion, etc… but, on the other hand, I do strongly wish for and yearn that more smiles were donned down the glitzy runways by the doll-like beauties. A smile, to me, seems to so easily express the inner beauty and kindness of that person; it makes me automatically think “Hmm… that person is approachable and friendly in appearance! I admire how they are both stunning on the outside as well as the inside, as their smile denotes. I'd like to meet and get to know them!” That’s what smiles generally make me presume of that person’s character, anyway... and I think it tends to have the same effect on most other individuals as well. 
      The radiance that a smile lets off is almost spell-binding. However, I do know that when some beautiful person is walking past me, their lips pouted and their eyebrow sometimes raised in an analytically-aimed and yet sophisticated manner, that their demeanor often lets off a vibe that often denotes their at least “thought of” superiority in looks towards me, and makes me desire for nothing more other than to flee from their coldness. You know, that woman who looks like she just climbed off the runway, and seems to have a way about her that immediately says “I am a confident and beautiful person... and you aren't.”
              I prefer, however, those beautiful women who aren't ashamed to smile. Some beauty queens look almost as if they’re afraid to smile, almost as if in doing so, a piece of their ego might be chipped away at. Anyway, hopefully I’m not just rambling on, and hopefully you've been able to perceive my originally intended point and purpose for this article… that basically, no matter how tall and thin you are, how perfect a complexion you have, how long your lashes are, how shiny your hair is, etc. you should never be ashamed to smile. It’s not going to take away your beauty and due respect, but add to it… I know many feel as though they somehow lower themselves whenever they seep down to the other’s level, with a smile.                            
          Perhaps, their stern and pouty expressions offer them a sense of dominance and lets off a prideful nature of them and their superficial beauty, however, I feel that those woman with hardly any makeup on, who are healthy and happy, as well as radiant with kindness, make for the most beautiful of people. Ever thought of channeling a more natural and earthy-based look? One that compliments your true/natural beauty and that is eager to assist you in increasing the beauty of your smile? Have you ever realized that sometimes a smile is really all you need to wear on your pretty face? 
        What is the saying… “A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear.”? So, less worry about how many cosmetics and layers of false lashes  you can cake on, but more effort into a more flawless and natural beauty that displays both the inner and outer loveliness of you, my Beauty Queens. ;) 

       We all have something beautiful about us, you know, not just beautiful, but... beautiful! Beneath all of the powders and kohl liner as well as layers of mascara and bronzer, we all have this natural beauty, this sun-kissed skin, the true shape of our eyes, not laden with falsely extended lash lines and chalked over with unnatural purples and coppers, we all have a natural God given beauty to us. Now don’t misunderstand me on this either, I definitely enjoy having fun with my makeup, trying on different looks and what not, and sometimes making a canvas of my face (I am an artist), however, I do feel that we all need to show that friendly and beautiful side to us more often.

        Now, be sure to walk the walk as well, and try and do something kind for a stranger on the street, in hopes to channel the inner beauty of your soul as well! We all seem to reserve ourselves from strangers; we don’t know them, why treat them like a friend? However, all of us being children of God, we should ALL be kind and loving to one another! Heck! We all know how easy it is to be friendly to a close relative or acquaintance, (you know, someone who's easy to get along with, or as treated us lovingly?) however, why not aim for the harder, and try offering your kindness to some unknown person on the street, someone you don’t know from Adam, as well as that one person who irritates and angers you so immensely? That’s where the true reward lies. 
         Of course, I’m not encouraging you to set yourself up for abuse, and if that person wants to react to your attempt towards friendliness and kindness in a negative or irritable manner, just move on from them and don't think twice about it… at least you did your part in trying!

Here, my lovelies are a few helpful links that pertain to the article! Hope they prove beneficial! <3 

Below are a list of 29 acts of kindness to cultivate and channel that hidden beauty of yours! ;)


A natural approach to makeup tutorial by Miss MichellePhan on YouTube lies below, so enjoy that too, dears! 

Lastly, I have posted a link to a website that lists the "8 Best Organic Makeup Brands" to aid in your natural and glowing beauty look! :)


Oh, and you might have to copy and paste the links into your browser because my computer's being a bully right now, and I'm too tired to figure out why. haha ;)

       So, my three tips for today, or tonight rather, lie in; smiling more, taking a vacation from any heavy makeup routines you might have adopted and lastly but most especially, being apt in channeling that inner beauty of yours. That hidden beauty that yearns to shine through, with the practice of kind and charitable acts and that can be previewed with something as little as a smile. Aurvoir, my beauties, talk to you tomorrow! Have a restful sleep and be ready to practice all that I have urged of you come sunrise! “Keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about” ~ Marilyn Monroe <3 xoxoxoxo 

P.S. You're fabulous!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Glamorous Ocean Waves


Maybe it’s the way the light shines on each individual wave, resembling that of a glossy waterfall-like mane that adds to the glamour of Old Hollywood inspired curls. Perhaps that’s what makes them so mysterious, so stunning and so enchanting. Whatever the cause for their plethora of beauty, it is a well regarded fact that these immortal curls will never lose their radiance and class. There’s no other way to express one’s love for Old Hollywood glamour than these loose satiny waves, deeply parted and sometimes gently resting over the extensive lashes of a beautiful woman, the look is so ethereal, so beguiling and laced with such a mysteriousness that also adds to the excessive glamour so perfectly! There’s also no better way to add a sense of elegance to an evening at a fancy restaurant with one’s hair layered in smooth velvety curls that so vibrantly catch the light that so faintly beams from the chandeliers which dangle from the vast and ornate ceilings that fill most luxurious locations. Why not add some diamonds and pearls to your look as well? It’ll really compliment the classic glamour look you’re aiming for, without a doubt!

                       So, basically my aim in this article is to express how these waves need to be tried more often by your ordinary woman, yes, I know women that grace the red carpets of Hollywood often weave their hair in Veronica Lake or Marilyn Monroe inspired curls, but I feel that any other woman deserves to shine just as vibrantly for whatever important upcoming event she may be anticipating! So, my lovelies, don’t hold back, give the classic look a try! Yes, I know, they do consist of a somewhat rigorous styling process, but I can promise that it is without a doubt, worth all of the trouble and time it takes! Oh, and so you don’t have any excuse for not trying them, here’s a link for a YouTube video by Miss Cherrydollface that’ll get you through the process step by step!

     Also, here is a link for the “best tips EVER to create Old Hollywood Waves” Hopefully they provide all that they claim to for you, my lovelies! So far “glamour’s” tips haven’t failed me, so I wish you the best of luck as well! ;)

Second to last, here are two of what I'd consider the best mousses for curly tresses, they'll contribute to the glossiness of your waves so avidly! <3 Hope these help, dears! 

At only 24 bucks, this product is better priced than at most other locations I’ve seen it shelved at, and it’s definitely worth every penny! Take my word on this one… my beautiful sister has the curliest hair in the world and is definitely an expert on all products for styling her cherished spirals! I think she’s actually planning on naming her future poodle after the product… so, yeah, it’s probably pretty snazzy! ;)

Half the price of the above one, this product offers suave and flawless curls as well, and all reviews I’ve heard have been positive, so why not give this less expensive item a chance if you feel like being as thrifty as possible at the moment! ;)

So, whether you decide on choosing the lesser or more pricey version of the curling mousse, custard, pudding, or  whatever you’ll call it… remember that this product is very vital for the perfect Old Hollywood look you’re most likely aiming for! It’ll help in creating a flawless waterfall-like effect. I promise!

Now, for your next fabulous dinner date try donning the Old Hollywood tresses inspired by Miss Lake as well as the ever beautiful Lauren Bacall! <3

         Lastly, just to show that I am brave enough to give the look a spin myself, and that I am not a hypocrite who just talks the talk, here's a pic of my stunning sister, Bethany and myself both emulating Marilyn and Rita's infamous curls! Hopefully our take on the look inspires you (and not discourages you, I think we did considerably well... eh? haha) to give the look a shot! 

Not her on the "discouraging" part, hers are, without a doubt flawless, which I know you have already noticed! ;)

I know you’ll look stunning, my lovelies! Have a fabulous Sunday evening! <3 xoxoxoxo