Saturday, 16 February 2013

Celebrating Andy Warhol's Muse

Celebrating Andy Warhol’s Muse

     As most of you all very well know, Miss Edie Sedgwick, a fashion icon as well as the legendary artist, Andy Warhol’s muse, offered a new outlook on fashion and was one of the many influences during the 60s fashion movement, a movement which offered a whole new perspective of woman’s fashion. Doll-like lashes, edgy pixie haircuts, thin frames and vibrant colored dresses were just a few of the era’s notable trends. 

            Twiggy channels the mod retro eye look of the era in the photo above! <3

                Anyway, the reason the fashion- celebrated icon has come to mind in today's post is primarily in hopes to endorse her as this week’s fashion inspiration as well as to promote my friend Miss Carissa Lynelle’s Indie film based on her life. Mind sparing even a dollar in hopes to contribute to her creative work? I can assure you that you DEFINITELY won’t regret it and will be more than glad to contribute to such a talented filmmaker’s work! 

       Also, be sure to take time to grasp some inspiration for a more Edie-based wardrobe look, as well, as she channels and emulates the socialite so flawlessly! :) Here are the links to her pages that are primarily dedicated in promoting her film as well as raising money for it! Be sure to show your support by liking it on Facebook as well, my lovelies! <3 Oh, and how fabulous is the photo shoot below? Log into your account to check it out! Please spare a dollar at this link here, my lovelies! <3
 Also, be sure to spread the word about Miss Lynelle’s stupendous work! ;)

Vote for her film in the link below!!! <3

  Also,if you have found yourself inspired by this article and yearn to don the look yourself with Edie's makeup-look  check out this YouTube tutorial by the lovely missmai27! 

The above ^ is her makeup look modernized and gone Runway, my dears, if you're looking for an up to date spin that is! ;)

            Now, if you yearn to emulate her free-spirited and beautiful fashion sense, I have posted a collage of various Edie-esque steals I found on both Polyvore and Etsy as well as the links to the merchandisers listed below! <3

Interested in adding these staples to your wardrobe? <3