Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Effortless and Polished look of a Bob

The Effortless and Polished look of a Bob

           Bobs, in my opinion, are one of the most timeless hairstyles... and I am more than sure that most others would be compelled to agree with me, as the look offers such effortless class and elegance! The way it frames the face of a lady, is vastly impressive, and automatically has the ability to bring attention to her high cheek bones or other beautiful feminine features, offering a deep sense of chicness and sophistication. No matter what, the haircut never ceases to appear polished and really adds to the look of one's wardrobe. It's both the most perfect casual and formal-worthy hairstyle there is! Whether you decide on curling it for a more carefree and natural look like Marilyn Monroe, or if you decide to opt for a straight and sleek version of the cut, like Miss Brookes or Knightley, the look will never be frowned upon. So, for those of you who've been considering short hair, I'd suggest giving the look a try... I promise you will NEVER look back at this decision with any form of regret. Plus it takes less time and is a LOT easier to style!

Hey! and if you're anxious about cutting off too much of your cherished locks, yet are still yearning for somewhat of a new look with your hairdo... there's always the "lob" a.k.a. long bob.Take a look at Miss Alba's effortless look (above ;))! Ask for it to be really inverted for a more dramatic and edgy spin as well! ;) Hope you enjoyed this brief yet hopefully inspirational post, my lovelies! Talk to you tomorrow! xoxoxo <3 

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