Sunday, 17 February 2013

Glamorous Ocean Waves


Maybe it’s the way the light shines on each individual wave, resembling that of a glossy waterfall-like mane that adds to the glamour of Old Hollywood inspired curls. Perhaps that’s what makes them so mysterious, so stunning and so enchanting. Whatever the cause for their plethora of beauty, it is a well regarded fact that these immortal curls will never lose their radiance and class. There’s no other way to express one’s love for Old Hollywood glamour than these loose satiny waves, deeply parted and sometimes gently resting over the extensive lashes of a beautiful woman, the look is so ethereal, so beguiling and laced with such a mysteriousness that also adds to the excessive glamour so perfectly! There’s also no better way to add a sense of elegance to an evening at a fancy restaurant with one’s hair layered in smooth velvety curls that so vibrantly catch the light that so faintly beams from the chandeliers which dangle from the vast and ornate ceilings that fill most luxurious locations. Why not add some diamonds and pearls to your look as well? It’ll really compliment the classic glamour look you’re aiming for, without a doubt!

                       So, basically my aim in this article is to express how these waves need to be tried more often by your ordinary woman, yes, I know women that grace the red carpets of Hollywood often weave their hair in Veronica Lake or Marilyn Monroe inspired curls, but I feel that any other woman deserves to shine just as vibrantly for whatever important upcoming event she may be anticipating! So, my lovelies, don’t hold back, give the classic look a try! Yes, I know, they do consist of a somewhat rigorous styling process, but I can promise that it is without a doubt, worth all of the trouble and time it takes! Oh, and so you don’t have any excuse for not trying them, here’s a link for a YouTube video by Miss Cherrydollface that’ll get you through the process step by step!

     Also, here is a link for the “best tips EVER to create Old Hollywood Waves” Hopefully they provide all that they claim to for you, my lovelies! So far “glamour’s” tips haven’t failed me, so I wish you the best of luck as well! ;)

Second to last, here are two of what I'd consider the best mousses for curly tresses, they'll contribute to the glossiness of your waves so avidly! <3 Hope these help, dears! 

At only 24 bucks, this product is better priced than at most other locations I’ve seen it shelved at, and it’s definitely worth every penny! Take my word on this one… my beautiful sister has the curliest hair in the world and is definitely an expert on all products for styling her cherished spirals! I think she’s actually planning on naming her future poodle after the product… so, yeah, it’s probably pretty snazzy! ;)

Half the price of the above one, this product offers suave and flawless curls as well, and all reviews I’ve heard have been positive, so why not give this less expensive item a chance if you feel like being as thrifty as possible at the moment! ;)

So, whether you decide on choosing the lesser or more pricey version of the curling mousse, custard, pudding, or  whatever you’ll call it… remember that this product is very vital for the perfect Old Hollywood look you’re most likely aiming for! It’ll help in creating a flawless waterfall-like effect. I promise!

Now, for your next fabulous dinner date try donning the Old Hollywood tresses inspired by Miss Lake as well as the ever beautiful Lauren Bacall! <3

         Lastly, just to show that I am brave enough to give the look a spin myself, and that I am not a hypocrite who just talks the talk, here's a pic of my stunning sister, Bethany and myself both emulating Marilyn and Rita's infamous curls! Hopefully our take on the look inspires you (and not discourages you, I think we did considerably well... eh? haha) to give the look a shot! 

Not her on the "discouraging" part, hers are, without a doubt flawless, which I know you have already noticed! ;)

I know you’ll look stunning, my lovelies! Have a fabulous Sunday evening! <3 xoxoxoxo

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