Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Gaining The Courage to Sparkle

             Gaining The Courage to Sparkle

Every now and then we all start to feel inferior, our lives unmeaningful, our entire being worthless and insignificant. At least, I know that I tend to experience painful flare ups of these feelings every once and awhile anyway! 

On the other hand, however, as rarely as most wish to relay it, I'm beyond certain that we are all faced with these bursts of turbulent insecurities. In hopes to keep this post short and sweet... immediate in gaining a clear point, I shall finish off by assigning all of my readers a little bit of homework. Get a sheet of paper, then a pen, take a moment and then begin to jot down all of the things that make you beautiful! And no, it's not conceited or self-absorbed to do so! Sometimes we deserve to take a moment to focus on all of our good points as opposed to all of our negative ones. We tend to focus on the negative aspects of ourselves far often enough!

We can definitely be our worse enemy in the department of self-assurance and confidence tends to primarily grow demolished by none other than our own doubts and criticisms. Just take a moment to do the task I assign. I don't want you just to read it, think "Oh, that's a good idea!" and not do it. It's extraordinary, the positive impact such a little act can have on one's self-worth! So, do it! Don't rid yourself the opportunity to rebuild your confidence, even if it's just for awhile. When you start to feel down on yourself again (which I can assure you that you will), just take out that list, read it and jot down some more positive notes about yourself! Don't let your insecurities drown you from the opportunity to shine! You're a beautiful person, whether you think so or not, and you most undoubtedly deserve to reveal the beauty God gave you!

Have a wonderful Wednesday afternoon, my Beauty Queens, and never let the shadows of self-doubt cripple you from twinkling!;)

~Erin <3 xoxo

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