Monday, 6 January 2014

Waiting For The Sun's Return

        Waiting For The Sun's Return

            We're girls. We let things get to us, we let our hearts ache over things that in most other eyes remain insignificant and meaningless. Their lack of worth in the perspectives of others, however, can't dim the pain that touches us when faced with these (in our eyes) grave depression triggers. It's a constant battle, trying to reason with our complex and astoundingly sensitive mindsets, and although the men in our lives may laugh at us and think us to be ridiculous at times, it's hard to forget the things that ail us, no matter how illogical the dilemmas may seem to all others around us. 

It's not uncommon for our "unreasonable" fits of meloncholy to be laughed at, even by our own selves from time to time... when we come back to our senses, anyway. Sometimes we even are able to look back and realize just how overly sensitive and foolish we may have been being at the time. That, on the other hand doesn't stop us at the times of our heartache and sorrow, however. Because to us, at the time... it IS indeed a serious situation!

So, although we may seem ridiculous at times, some of us more than others... have patience with us! Our emotions are fragile like delicate flowers and our hearts as easy to shatter as glass. 

I used to fret about it, these bouts of seemingly hopeless melancholy. I remember how I used to let this emotional fragility pull me down like fierce claws into a dark abyss, but now… it doesn't scare me anymore. I know now and am able to smile through even my darkest trials as I am able to endure all things with the knowledge and understanding that things ALWAYS get better and that with every rainstorm, there's always a pastel ribbon showing through the havoc as it reaches it's finale. I find that you can make it through even the most vial storms with this knowledge, the realization that happiness will shine through again. It is with this knowledge that I have found myself capable of being happy even when I'm at some of the saddest peaks in my life. So, no matter how severe any situation may seem to you at the time, never ever give up on life… know that the sun will most undoubtedly shine through… it's return even brighter and more radiant than before!

So, with this knowledge, I pray that we are able to overcome even the most painful of storms in our lives. Just know that the rain will eventually stop falling, that the wind will calm and that the lemony rays from the sun will most definitely glisten once again. And if you endeavor to hold on to this thought… I can most undoubtedly promise you that you will easily discover the strength to make it through it (no matter how fragile your womanly emotions may be... or even how misunderstood you may feel for that matter). So… chin up!;) 

~Erin <3

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