Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Baby Take a Bow

Baby Take a Bow

Saying Goodbye to "America's Little Sweetheart"

Ah! yes, the girl with the curly top, the endless collection of both talents and charisma, the girl who introduced happiness to the audiences of America back in the mid 30's has come to the end of the road in her life's journey. Shirley reportedly passed away late last evening, February 10th, 2014 at the age of 85 years old. Her death came reportedly from natural causes, no other details have been released to the public as of yet. And though we may wonder the details surrounding her death or perhaps crave for a more intricate revelation of her final moments, there's one thing for certain, and that's that her passing shall leave a gaping hole in the lives of all who have ever come to know "America's Little Sweetheart." Perhaps you know her as the little girl who sang to her fellow orphans the popular tune "Animal Crackers in My Soup", or maybe you think of her as little Rebecca from "Rebecca of Sunny-brook Farm", etc.  

Whoever she may be to you, whatever she may symbolize in your life, there's no arguing that her star and mark on cinematic history shall forever burn brightly, and though she may be absent from this earth, her legend will most undoubtedly live on and on,  forever present on that silver screen. So, heartbrokenly, we bid farewell to this screen icon and we thank you, Shirley, for all of the smiles you brought to millions of Americans throughout your career. You will be truly missed but never forgotten!;)

Last of all, I thought it best to compile a list of 10 unknown facts about the curly topped film star. So, here they are!

(1.) Was Said to have Stopped Believing in Santa Clause at The age of six. Reality came to play when the Santa Clause her mother Took Her to visit at a department store asked for her autograph. 

(2.) Was Almost Cast as Dorothy Gale in "The Wizard of Oz" But Opted Not to Take The Part Due to a Contract Dispute.

(3.) Before performing was always urged by her mother to "Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle".

(4.) Her Final Appearance on Screen was in The 1949 Film "A Kiss for Corliss". 

(5.) Changed Her Name to The Last Name of Her Late Husband and Spouse of 50 years, Charles Black.

(6.) Was Named after The Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Drink, "The Shirley Temple", a drink both concocted and named after her by either "The Hawaiian Resort" in Waikiki or "The Brown Derby" in Hollywood.

(7.) Her signature curls didn't come easy, and her mother had to set her hair in 56 meticulously planned curls before bedtime each night.

(8.) Had already earned a whopping $1,000.00 a week at the meager age of six and during her run at the top was said to have earned well over 3 million dollars.

(9.) Served as chief protocol for the U.S. in the 1970's.

(10.) Was The Most Iconic Child Star in Hollywood.

 R.I.P. Shirley! <3

~ Erin <3

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