Thursday, 13 February 2014

What to Wear: Valentine's Edition

For this week's "What to Wear" I have decided to compile a list of five of my fashion inspirations for Valentine's Day. So, prepare yourself for plenty of shades of red, purple, pink, etc., etc.;) 

No. 1:

Amythest, at least in my opinion, is a very romantic color. It's both a very deep and ravishing color, factors that make it a perfect choice for that perfect Valentine's date look! The black lace dress by Van Mildert immediately screamed classic romance when I first saw it as did the black rose cameo bracelet, the dark purple heels with a bow and glittery amythest nail polish! Also, I've listed both the prices and sources of my finds below, so, enjoy!;) 

The Pretty Dress Company Windsor Lace Pencil Dress by Van Mildert: £91.00, Ravish Purple Nu Steven-Steve Madden: $150.00, Couture by Lolita Rose Cameo Bracelet Cuff- Black/Purple: $38.00, Vikki Purple Nail Polish Boogie Night: £5.00

No.  2: 

For my second Valentine's inspired look I rushed to Grace for some inspiration. To me the combination of the ornate white lace dress, the blush heels with crystal accents, the glittery gold and pink rose bracelet as well as the ballerina pink nail polish seemed to combine the perfect aroma of both classic elegance and romance!

Drawstring Waist Shear Lace Gown-Annina: $80.90, Michael Antonio Tilford Sat Heels in Blush: $44.99, Pink and Gold Flower Stretch Bracelet £7.99, Essie Nail Polish in "Pink Sheer Bliss": $8.50

No. 3: 

This bold look is perfect for all of my trendsetters and though it may be solely accented with edgy prints, bold colors and patterns, this combination of fuchsia and black makes the perfect and most daringly romantic look for a night out with your Valentine

 while still managing to retain reminiscent touches of classic elegance.

Boohoo Olivia Sweetheart Off The Shoulder Midi Dress: $45.00, Michael Michael Kors Strud Strap Heel $232.28, Mango Rhinestone Bib Necklace: $60.00, Pink and Black Lace Sephora by O.P.I.-Trend Tips: $6.00

                                     No. 4:

This classic look with it's vibrant cherry red accents just screams romantic! Definitely a fashion look that the iconic Fashionista, Audrey Hepburn would approve of in a pinch!;)

Mod Cloth- High Noon Harvest Dress in White Watercolor: $99.99, Sole Society Sonita- Bow Detail Heel: $70.00, Olia- Woman's Silver Bubble Stone Bracelet: £14.99, Essie Nail Polish in Long Stem Roses: $18.00

    No. 5:

And last of all, I have compiled a look in celebration of Valentine's day's main color, red. This outfit with rhinestone black pumps, crimson rose jewelry, a 40's inspired dress in red, black cherry nails, immediately penetrates a vibrant luminosity of romance! Perfect for a date night at some French restaurant downtown!:) 

ModCloth- Down to a Pine Art Dress in Red: $169.99, Van Mildert- Lola Cruz Crystal Embellished Peep Toe Heels £96.00, Anthropologie- Bermuda Rose Bracelet: $108.00, Anthropologie-Bermuda Rose Bib Necklace: $128.00, Essie Nail Color- Scarlett O'Hara: $8.49

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and are now inspired as to what stunning outfit you shall don tomorrow evening! Also, what was YOUR favorite look? 

~Erin xoxo <3

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