Monday, 29 July 2013

Copycat Fashion: Glamour Girls!

Copycat Fashion: Glamour Girls!

Ah! that glamorous flare that the classic Hollywood stars use to bear, a plethora of charisma... a flawless elegance! Usually, when I  think of "Old Hollywood Glamour" my mind immediately drifts off to Marilyn and her glittering jewels. I'm immediately brought back to the icy white diamond encrusted accessories that used to elegantly glisten around her wrists and neck. Crystal-like accents that also dangled like frosty white chandeliers from the tips of her ears also seem to hold a place in her iconic bombshell look. Her stunning collection of furs, all of which she'd drape over her shoulders acting as the perfect touch of elegance for the movie premieres she'd attended, also creeps into mind with the mention of classic Hollywood glamour. Fur and diamonds, the two seemed to have so much chemistry when paired together.

So, with our focus being on "Glamour Girl" fashion, I have chosen Marilyn and Elizabeth as our main sources of inspiration. The two seem to hold, in my opinion, the highest titles in the "Glamour Girl" category. They're in my opinion the most ideal means of inspiration in achieving the look! Furs and diamonds are a vital piece in achieving this look, so I have selected a vast collection of the most sparkly jewels as well as the most fabulous furs that I feel would be beyond helpful in the obtaining of this stunning look. 


First off, shall we start with diamonds? I have browsed the online shelves of nationwide jewelry stores and have narrowed down a list with, in my opinion the most glamorous and stunning chandelier earrings... all under $50! All of them are fake as I'm sure you have already assumed... fake diamonds are unfortunately my only option for now. They still seem to do the trick, for a glamour radiating look though! ;)

(1.) These chandelier diamond earrings provide the perfect glamorous touch without being too loud and overwhelming. The perfect touch for a more classy "Glamour Girl" look!

They can be purchased for only $12.00 at the link below!

(2.) These asymmetrical chandelier earrings are the perfect source of glamour. They also provide a not too overwhelming look with their elegant balance between the varying textures of rhinestones.

These $28 earrings can be purchased at the link below! ;)

(3.) These earrings strike me especially as very Marilyn-reminiscent! They're very comparable to Marilyn's iconic look. The threads of diamonds lowering into different lengths, giving the illusion of a V-shape take me immediately back to Marilyn's usual choice of chandelier earrings, the kind that she often paired with a pearly white fur stole.

These Marilyn-reminiscent earrings can be purchased for $23.00 at the link below!

Now, shall we focus on furs? I have compiled a short list of the most glamorous and elegant fur stoles that I could find. Paired with the above chandelier earrings, the look would be very Marilyn and Old Hollywood-esque! 

(1.) This snowy white stole is perfect for a glamorous winter look... providing both style as well as function. Why not pear it with some satin gloves while you're at it?

Can be purchased for $30.40 at the link below!

(2.) This ebony fur stole would provide the perfect contrast between the frosty white diamonds accessorized with it! Also, black and white seems to immediately scream "Classic Hollywood Glam", in my opinion! 

This classy black stole can be purchased at the link below for $30.40!

(3.) This creamy, warm-hued fur coat seems to be the perfect fashion staple... sure to keep you warm throughout the blistering cold December days! The look not only emulates function but glamour as well! 

Can be purchased at the link below for only $59.40! 

Hopefully this post infected you with a series of inspiration in regards to the "Old Hollywood Glamour" look! Next week's "Copycat Fashion" will be based on Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly's classic lady-like style!

Take care, my Beauty Queens!! <3 xoxo Now go and buy yourselves some diamonds and fur!

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