Thursday, 11 July 2013

Braving Color-Phobias

                      Braving Color-Phobias

                      You enter "Forever21" and are immediately enticed by the endless rows of brightly colored clothing, some encrusted in millions of sequins. You see a yellow lace dress as bright as the sun, you pick it up... the whole idea becomes ridiculous... after-all, you'd attract far too much attention and end up feeling silly. Besides, bright colors are to be left to those involved in the circus, the clowns with big cherry red noses, and rainbow adorned polka dots speckled onto their frilly sleeves, if not there, it must belong to those young high-school girls who are eager to experiment in the fashion world. If I had a dime for every time somebody has told me "I don't think that I could pull off the whole bright color ordeal"... (tsk tsk) The truth is, however, bright colors (if tastefully complimented with other more subtle colors) can be worn and "pulled off" by anyone, anyone brave enough to "experiment". Face it, what girl hasn't, at least once in their life dreamed of wearing a bright posy pink dress, strands of glittery diamonds draped over their neck? 

Check out the glitter etched fuchsia gown that I found while shopping on Google! ;)

Purchase at the link below for $598.00... it's sure to catch attention thanks to it's vibrant color in glamorous design! You'll definitely be the "bell of the ball"!

Oh, and since diamonds are a girl's best friend, I think it is, without a doubt, vital that you accessorize the stunning pink gown (above ^) with these glittery diamond accents! Only $75.65 and very elegant and vintagy! ;) Click on the link below and you will be led to the Etsy boutique "JoysShop" where you can immediately purchase these classy jewelry pieces.

There's also, at least in my case, that glittery red (sorta like Dorthy's slipper) kind of a gown. 

I would feel like a radiant princess in a cherry stained gown, every yard glazed with sequins! 

I can't help but somewhat admire her crown of feathers either... I've always had a terrible fondness for feather adorned head pieces. 

Below is both a photo and link, both of which will lead you to this stunning cherry-stained gown. It gives off a sense of glamour as well as both class and elegance. The sequins may not be as glittery as Marilyn's, but... it gives off the same impression in a somewhat understated manner. ;) Plus... I love the 60's cut!

Anndd... if you dig feathery headpieces like me, then here's a link to an etsy shop that sells this subtle, yet glamorous and elegant navy blue and ivory feather headpiece.  

So, as I wrap up this post... I'd just like to ask, what's your flashy splurge-worthy fashion piece? You know, the one that you're not sure might earn you some strange looks from people? Whatever it may be... I say... rock it... just rock it and think nothing more about it! ;) Stay fabulous, my dears! 

xoxo <3

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