Sunday, 21 July 2013

Psychological Rainbows

Psychological Rainbows

            Life can be difficult sometimes... and I know I've already based my last two posts on this topic... so, hopefully I won't be boring anyone who reads this. Why I even write about it so consistently, I don't know. We all know how perilous life's path can be, a path laced with uncertainty... a path, etched with the fear of the unknown. We've all experienced such tribulations at least once before! I don't know, I suppose it sort of helps to talk about it. We all know the right answers to our happiness... maybe they're sort of blurred at times, but we all have a deep down knowledge of these facts. 

Perhaps we enjoy reading literary pieces on the topic due to the fact that it offers a generous amount of inspiration to us. I don't know, at least for me, I feel that it sort of encourages us. It makes us realize that we're not the only ones that sometimes struggle in the midst of such battles, and that there is an answer, a cure for the pain... an effective remedy waiting to be found! That's reassuring to know. It helps us to realize that our happiness has not been lost forever. 


                It's strange though, just when you keep driving down a consistently jagged road, you begin to lose hope and practically resign yourself to tragedy. In other words, you feel like the road will never grow smooth again. That you'll end up losing all control and drive into some ditch beside the winding road. At various points in one's life, one begins to fear that happiness shall remained firmly affixed in the past... never to be found again. It's usually then that the light begins to faintly shine through one's window of hope.

                 It comes unexpectedly, the new-found joy that immediately endeavors to drown out all of the gloominess in one's life. It's sort of like a rainstorm. It has to rain! If it didn't, there'd be no chance of ever having a rainbow to ribbon itself like a colorful arbor in the midst of the cobalt sky. Perhaps we don't want it to rain sometimes. 

We all know it's a fact of life though. A fact that not only haunts nature's surroundings, but also one's psychological state. It sort of, like the rain transforms the pastures into a vibrant emerald, allows us the ability to sort of restore ourselves... rejuvenate ourselves from within. 

With all that said, I believe our bouts of depression to be likened to rainstorms, interior ones. If we never had sorrow, we'd never know the true value and worth of happiness, happy would merely become another thing for us to take fore-granted. It'd be has worthless as constantly having a rainbow to lace the sky, it wouldn't be truly worth cherishing anymore. 

Though it may not come as soon as we'd often like, our happiness a.k.a. "psychological rainbow", we ought to never forget that it WILL, without a doubt, come. Yes, despite how treacherous the storm may become, God will never fail to send us our happiness, a happiness to be cherished all the more with the realization of it's true value. 

Goodnight, My Lovely Readers! xoxo <3 

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