Friday, 26 July 2013



                              We are, all of us misfits. Nobody ever fully understands us. Nobody can read our mind or dissect our true intentions in life. Some would like to pretend that they know what we're thinking. They claim to have some supernatural power, a power that grants them the ability to know exactly what we truly desire, what our full intentions consist of. People are often hasty in labeling one another... often with false labels. We're not a can of vegetables to be labelled with a straight forward example of our being. I'm not a jar of pickles, my mind is far too complex to be labelled with just one definition! 


Unfortunately, though, we often allow people to brand us, their classifications in regards to us often stick, sort of linger inside of us. We give those other people far too much power when we let them define us with their ignorance... who's to say that they truly understand the intricacy of our minds? Some people would consider a quiet woman, a woman who keeps to herself in a crowd, her face tinted with anguish as "stuck up". Someone who's too good to associate themselves with the rest of the crowd. Those people, however, don't seem to have any clue of the brutality of the war that, that woman may be waging inside of her. Perhaps she's suffered a loss, a loss that left her with an incurable void. Perhaps her self-esteem has been shattered by someone who's found it upon themselves to point out the flaws in the woman's looks. 

We all need to realize, though, that we our not jars of produce and do not deserve to be labelled with only one definition. Don't let the words of others get to you. The way they see you, the way they categorize you... it's never fully accurate. The only thing you should be worried about is, not what other's think of you, but primarily that you remain true to yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else. Let them judge you, those people out there who feel that they have the right to. 

Also, however, it is excessively vital that you remain understanding and sympathetic towards yourself.  You know your own strengths, your own weaknesses better than anyone. A lot of us should be far more considerate towards ourselves. Unfortunately, though, many of us tend to allow our minds to bash ourselves down, make us feel worthless. 

It's not rare to add up all of the negative comments you've received from others. Such dwellings often induce an immediate branding of oneself...usually as a failure. a lot of us are guilty of it. Whenever filled with critical thoughts in regards to one'self, however, I find it crucial to immediately cure the pain by composing a list of all of the things that you do like about yourself. Also, be sure to recall all of the kind things others have said about you. With these important ingredients towards the curing of an overcritical mind, you'll immediately realize that you are NOT a worthless failure. You'll also become aware that you do have control of your mind and that you do NOT have to allow it to beat you down!  

So, right now, take a few moments to write a list of all of the things that make you beautiful. You don't deserve to feel low on yourself... after-all, you are the only you! Celebrate who you are and don't let others break you down. 

          Besides, who's to say that you aren't someone special?

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