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Copycat Fashion: Grace and Elegance

Copycat Fashion: Grace and Elegance

                         Last week's "Copycat Fashion" was based on "Glam Girl" fashion, meaning, a combination of glittery diamonds and fur stoles, basically one that should include anything screaming "Classic Hollywood Glamour". This week, however, we shall focus on the elegant and classy perspective of fashion. Our sources of inspiration shall be two of the most elegant movie stars to ever grace the red carpet, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.  

For me at least, I feel that anything subtly glamorous, tangled with a plethora of poise and elegance can be immediately transcribed to this category, this category of "Grace and Elegance." The look tends to channel a look of effortlessness, a look of beguiling simplicity as well as a look that seems to gently whisper "glamour". The look is one that tends to emulate a sense of dignity, a look that immediately expresses one suited primarily for a lady, a lady heavily plagued with class and sophistication. 

As we carefully take a look into the secrets behind these two elegant women's flawless fashion sense, one laced heavily with subtle glamour, poise and elegance, we seem to take note of their habitual use of white gloves, delicate pearls and fitted tea length dresses, all of which tend to be frequently stained with pale pinks, blacks, whites and beiges. 

The color palette of the two legend's flawlessly chic and elegant wardrobe tend to consist solely of pastels and basic neutral colors, the types of colors often found amid nature's beautiful palette. 

With all of these careful observations in mind, shall we now proceed to browse the shelves of the "online shopping" world? If you're as eager as I am to master the secrets behind the two beautiful actresses' beguiling wardrobes, then I'm sure your just as anxious as I am to view the possible Grace and Audrey inspired purchases!

First off, shall we begin with dresses?

(1.) I was immediately stunned by this elegant floral printed gown, the cut is flattering and the vibrant orange very reminiscent of the 60's era! The tea length hem is also very Audrey and Grace reminiscent.  

This elegant gown can be purchased at the link below for merely $50.00! :)

(2.) This dress immediately took me back to Grace Kelly, I believe she'd been noted to wear flowery frocks like these for her more casual events that she'd attended. She can also be found wearing dresses very similar to the one below in her role in the "Country Girl" alongside William Holden. 

Click on the link below if interested in purchasing! In my opinion, the elegant frock is very worthy of it's selling price of $48.00.

(3.) This elegant party dress immediately screamed Grace Kelly for me as well! It took me back to some of her stunning evening gowns that she'd wear to various formal events! The dress, paired with pearls and a minty blue cardigan would be simply beguiling!

The dress can be purchased for $248.00 at the link below!

Next, shall we review the list of subtly glamorous accessorize that I have compiled? The pearly, subtly diamond accented pieces that I have discovered seem beyond worthy to fill both Audrey and Grace's jewelry boxes!   

(1.) I was ecstatic once I stumbled upon this pearl necklace that had been subtly etched with crystals! I immediately felt it worthy of the number 1 rank on this list as I'm sure most would agree. For me, it emulates the "best of both worlds"! It incorporates both the glamour of Classic Hollywood/diamonds as well as the lady-like accents of glossy white pearls! 

 This stunning necklace can be purchased for a mere $20 at the link below!,acc_2.1/4820580800?skipRedirection=true&utm_campaign=us-affiliates&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=affiliate-window&utm_content=us-affiliates&utm_term=92295&source=aw

(2.) This Ann Taylor horseshoe locket had immediately won my interest, for me, it seemed to effortlessly channel the poised grace and elegance of both Grace and Audrey. The locket not only provides a stunning accent but an opportunity for all sentimentalists. The center eagerly awaits a cutout picture of one's sweetheart/loved-one which makes it all the better! 

Purchase this stunning accessory for $38.00 at the link below!


(3.) This "Pearls Just Wanna Have Fun" necklace sold at the online clothing store "Mod Cloth" seems to effortlessly emulate a  a more modernized collage of both Grace and Audrey's radiant yet poised fashion sense. 

If you wish to purchase this stunning necklace, I would recommend that you follow the link below! This elegant jewelry piece can be purchased for $30.00.

With both elegant dresses and stunning pearl encrusted accessorize covered, I hope that you have found yourself inspired all the more to go out and search for those perfect Audrey/Grace-worthy fashion pieces! Hopefully this list also led you to the purchase of these elegant pieces as well! Enjoy your Friday, My Lovely Readers! xoxo <3

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