Friday, 1 March 2013

A Candle Dimmed too Soon

               Beneath her immense beauty, talent and intellect, as well as her ability to woo princes, future presidents as well as aspiring and soon to be legendary fashion designers, like her first husband; Oleg Cassini. Captivated by the tour of the "Warner Brother's Studios", while having been bestowed by her father the honor of exploring the western parts of the United States with the rest of her family... Gene was soon discovered and immediately stunned and enchanted by a famed director and offered a contract after having presented a screen test at the tender age of seventeen years old.  

          After several years on the stages of Broadway, following her father's orders in pursuing a more "legitimate" career in the entertainment world, the beautiful starlet soon endeavored to build up her career behind the camera. After years of improving her career in the film industry, the actress soon married the celebrated and upcoming fashion designer Oleg Cassini, despite her parent's disapproval and went on to have two daughters, one born with several physical ailments and disabilities as well as severe mental retardation. 

          From the pained knowledge of her suffering child's extreme ailments, Tierney suffered excessive depression due to the intolerable grief she'd felt for her daughter. She had been especially guilt-ridden with the unexpected and mind-blowing confession of one of her "biggest fans" of having been infected with Rubella and having favored the actress so excessively, disregarded any quarantine orders surrounding her merely to be in the presence of the actress. 
           Incidentally, Tierney's adoption of the illness during her pregnancy had been the sole purpose of her poor daughter's physical ailments; deafness, blindness and massive mental retardation.  Tierney recalled the moment when the woman, in hopes of flattering her and informing her of her excessive admiration towards the actress, eagerly confessed her endeavor to meet the actress regardless to the illness infecting her. 

         All Tierney could do in response of the woman's horrifying confession had been merely to stare at her silently and then walk away. "After that, I didn't care whether ever again I was anyone's favorite actress." Tierney once relayed. 
          After approximately twenty-seven shock treatments, which she believed had assisted in the ruin of her memory, and several hospitalizations caused from suicide attempts, Tierney's acting career slowly dimmed, and for the rest of her old age, the actress spent her days quietly, until her death at the age of seventy years old in Houston, Texas. 

          Despite her short-lived famed, the actress' beauty and talent will never be forgotten. She shall live on, her beauty gracing the silver screen in such notable films as "Laura" and "Leave her to Heaven." Once beheld, the actress' electrifying beauty, her sparkling sapphire blue eyes, high cheek-bones, bow-shaped lips, porcelain complexion and raven black tresses, can far from easily be forgotten!  xoxoxo <3

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