Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Windows to the Soul

The Windows to the Soul

           My personal favorite aspect of the human face would most definitely be the eyes, and I feel that many would be avid in agreeing with me, as the old saying goes "The Eyes are the Window to the Soul" ;)  

             So, shall we celebrate these windows, the facial aspect that expresses our fears, are sorrows and various other emotions? 

 In this article, I hope to assist you in bringing out the beauty of our eyes, all having been blessed with our own unique color and eye shape. Whether your chestnut or emerald eyes, I hope to offer you tips in bringing out the radiance and beauty of your eye color!

              First off, here are some tips for those of you blue eyed babes! Now the best eyeshadow colors would most definitely consist of neutrals, as the warmness of a gold, bronze or brown will be avid in vividly denoting the blue undertones in your eyes, as the color of the eyeshadow contrasts so immensely to the coolness of your eye color! Opt for the above, and if interested in trying new and more brilliant and colorful shades... try for a deep eggplant or amethyst color. 

           Next, for my brown eyed beauties out there, I would suggest primarily opting for cooler shades such as; sapphire, aquamarine, etc. as the contrast of the blues will bring out the warm brown hues in your eye. Pink and brown contouring shadow as well as other neutrals are also always a safe pick as with most any eye color! ;)

For those Hazel eyed girls like me out there, the best and most complimentary shades would most definitely consist of any violet-based shades, smokey eyes, or coppers!

            And last, but most certainly NOT least, for my emerald eyed ladies out there... the best shade would be like, sapphire, taupes, coffees or any other warmer shades to aid in highlighting your eye color through the help and boldness of it's contrast from one another.

            Now, hopefully with some YouTube research and plenty of practice, you'll master the perfect eye-look. Also, look into and determine your eye shape, as well as find the perfect look; cat eye, smokey eye, etc. for that shape! ;) Now, celebrate your eyes, bat your lashes, smile and stay beautiful! Remember "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others"~ Audrey Hepburn <3 xoxoxo

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