Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 


                             Whether it be true or not, that most "gentlemen" prefer blonde, the color is without a doubt a stunning one to opt for, provided that one chooses the right shade of blonde for their skin tone that is! We all know that, though a creamy platinum like Marilyn really suited her skin tone  it might, however, clash with our own, and definitely won't let off the same stunning and head turning effect. Well, perhaps, it could lead to some "head turning"... but I can assure you, it will not be in the good way! So, if you've been thinking about becoming a blonde beauty, whether solely artificially a.k.a by bottle and bottle alone, or just by enhancing the natural blonde tones in your hair... join me for the perfect consideration of all of the different shades of blonde that fill the color spectrum. 

     Once you read this, you'll find that there are so many other hues of blonde than your stereotypical platinum! ;) Enjoy... and I hope it inspires you! 

1. Creamy Ivory: First on my list, would have to be this soft and pale, yet creamy shade. The color is ideal for fair skin tones  as the shade has a hint of warmth. It is a bold yet delicate color and it also works really well with minimal haircuts like Michelle's as both the softness of the cut and the paleness of the color create a stunning celebration of femininity!

2. Cool Nordic Platinum: Next on my list would have to be the hue of "cool Nordic platinum"... a shade that is frequently donned by Miss Stefani. The shade would offer the perfect effect for anyone wanting to make a bold statement in their hair color choice. Strong facial features, however, are the most ideal for the shade as they seem apt in balancing the dramatic hue. Definitely work with a profession if opting for this shade, as they can offer advice and make adjustments to the color primarily for both your skin and eye color!

3. Strawberry Blonde: Third on the list is that of the shade blessed with ribbons of copper, the perfect cross between red and blonde... strawberry blonde! This red-infused color seems to work best with light eyes and skin! So, if stuck between the decision of either red or blonde... this is the PERFECT color for you! Notice, how well the color goes with Cate Blanchett's fair skin and light eyes?

4. Sand and Honey: Now, as for the fourth shade on the list, who doesn't adore Jennifer Aniston's usual choice of sandy blonde with honey highlights? The contrast of the two colors, provides the perfect effect for woman of varying skin tones. From fair to medium to olive, this shade is the perfect one for pretty much anyone! 

5. Platinum with Hints of Gold: Next on the list, as well as one of my favorite shades as it proves very reminiscent of Miss Monroe's hair color would have to be this pale yet soft shade! Be prepared, however, to devote a lot of maintenance into the color and keep in mind that the shade works best with very fair and porcelain skin. 

6. Caramel with Streaks of Gold: This color seems to provide the perfect results especially for woman with hints of pink in their skin. The easiest way to achieve the look would be especially if you had light or medium brown hair starting out. This color is also almost like a "miracle worker" as it offers the ability to make thin or fine hair look fuller, subtracts years, and demands less upkeep and maintenance! 

7. Multitonal Apricot: Seventh of the many shades of blonde would be this fun peachy hue, a hue filled with a variety of diverse shades! One that gives off the impression that the person donning the multicolored look most likely has a very committed colorist, as the look requires a LOT of upkeep! Also to keep and preserve the brilliance of the hue, one must receive frequent care and treatments from their colorist.

8. 14-Karat Gold: Giving off the impression of hair resembling that of shredded wheat with immensely fine highlights woven in, this take on blonde is perfect for those wanting to stand out and shine! The variety of bold contrasts evokes an exceptionally brilliant and noticeable look... one that will immediately turn heads... and in a good way too! ;)

9. Butterscotch: This fun and flirty shade is often referred to as the "surfer-girl blonde". The different shades in this look are what make the blonde "believable". :)

 10.Golden Beige: Last but not least on our list, this color has just enough gold woven into it to keep it remaining fresh and modern in appearance! This shade works best on woman with subtly tanned skin and ribbons of gold in their eyes. Ask your colorist to be sure and frame your face with the highlights as it will add a sense of warmth to your overall look! <3 

So, with all of these beautiful shades, each suited for nearly ever skin type out there, I hope I have offered inspiration for those of you who've been opting to go blonde! So, maybe it will encourage you to bring out your inner Marilyn or Jean? <3 xoxoxo Have a fabulous Wednesday, my lovelies! 

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