Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ray-Ban Glam

Ray-Ban Glam

               Ah! That feeling when you just reach into your purse and pull out a pair of statement making sunglasses! Once placed over the bridge of your nose, you feel so elegant, so fashionable, so,... glamorous! It is vital, however, to select shades that compliment your face-shape, if the sunglasses in which you have chosen end up being the wrong size, shape, etc. , you're going to end up looking, well... pretty ridiculous. So, here's a guide on selecting the perfect shades for your face shape! 

(1.) Square Face Shapes: For angular face shapes with a strong jawline and broad forehead, the chin chiseled into a square-like shape, it is most advisable to select shapes ranging from oval to round. Both butterfly shaped sunglasses as well as shades with temples that are center or connected at the top of the frame are amid the few most suited shades for this face shape. 

(2.) Oval Face Shapes: For this well proportioned face shape, the chin being slightly narrower than the forehead and cheekbones are high, it is noted that you have a larger amount of variations, and that most shades are well-suited for your face shape already. The top and most recommended types, however, consist of; square, rectangular, and geometric based shapes, all offering angles to the soft curves, which this face shape mainly tends to contain. 

(3.) Oblong Face Shapes: For this narrow shape that tends to be longer than it is wide, and consists of; angular features, high cheekbones, a lengthier nose and a tall forehead, it is ideal to opt for taller frames that aid in making the face appear shorter. Broad glasses with an accented top rim or decorative temple are also recommended choices, as they seem to offer an illusion of width. 

(4.) Round Face Shapes: For this face shape that tends to include fuller cheeks, as well as a rounder chin lacking in angular dimensions, it is suggested that one select shades that are either angular or geometric, as the harsher angles offer an illusion of sharper facial features. Rectangular and horizontal styles are also recommended as they tend to make the face appear both longer and thinner. Up swept frames, that act in drawing attention to the upper parts of the face, are also strongly recommended!

(5.) Diamond Face Shapes: For this face shape consisting of both a narrow eye-line and jaw-line, and dramatic cheekbones, it is suggested that one opt primarily for that of up swept and cat-eye-like sunglasses that should act in emphasizing the cheekbones more clearly. Oval frames are also urged as they tend to provide balance to the face-shape, and rimless styles that allow the cheekbones to shine through, are also a reasonable choice when selecting the most suited shades for this face-shape!

(6.) Heart Face Shape: For the heart face shape, a shape which consists of wide cheekbones, a broad forehead, all narrowing into a small chin, it is most suitable to opt especially for bottom heavy frames that'll add width to the lower parts of the face. Styles with low-set temples are also ideal, as they act in drawing more attention to the lower parts of the face. Narrow round shades are also a good choice as they that act in softening the forehead. 

(7.) Triangle Face Shapes: For these types of face shapes, with the tendency of containing a narrow forehead and eye-line, widening at the cheeks down into the chin, it is recommended to go with frames that are semi-rimless in hopes to accentuate the upper parts of the face! Top-heavy shades that balance the width of the jaw, and frame bottoms that angle inward are also ideal!

               Hopefully this guide on selecting the best type of sunglasses has proved to be helpful, and hopefully you'll find yourself eager to upgrade to some better suited shades for your face shape sometime soon (maybe you've already got the perfect shades, but a little reference is always nice to provide you with some ideas for your next purchase in the sunglasses department, eh?;))!:) Besides, nothing beats the "movie-star" feeling that can be acquired by slipping on this simple accessory, a pair of sunglasses, or instant "glamofiers"! (<-- Seems like a fitting name, eh?;)) 

Have an enchanting evening, my beauties!;) xoxo

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