Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Whatever Happened to Elegance?

Whatever Happened to Elegance?

                      What's happened to society? I remember sitting at the airport with my grandpa last year and being passed by countless groups of people, all dressed in flip-flops, frumpy shorts and tank tops. He leaned over and whispered to me "You know, there was a time when even at the airport, the men would be dressed in suits and the women in fancy dresses." It was then that I really started to ask myself "Has society really gotten to the point of sacrificing the art of fashion for laziness?"

                  It's become an obvious fact and I feel that all have and at least ought to realize that society has become way too lazy when it comes to fashion! It saddens me whenever I find myself comparing the sloppy "looks" of society during this era to those existing anywhere previous to the early 60s!


                I believe it was after that time when fashion began to fade, to fade into such a dim matter of importance that it can now be compensated with body hugging, muffin-top showing, camis and flannel pajama pants... oh, and let's not forget some of those "glamorous" zebra print bedtime slippers (quite the fashionable touch)!                I don't know about everyone else, but there's no way that anyone will ever take away my love for vintagy sundresses and glittery jewels!  Whatever's the most elegant... that's what I'm personally going to opt for in every circumstance! I can't help it, my love for elegant and lady-like fashions has become an unbreakable obsession for me, and all for the better, I must say!
               So, if you find that you're too lazy when it comes to fashion... change it, there's nothing more successful in providing a positive first impression than through fashion! Think about it, would you be more impressed by either a lazy woman in frumpy pajamas and slippers, smeared makeup and shaggy hair, or by a beautiful young girl with just the perfect amount of makeup, her satiny hair pulled back and a rose-printed sundress? Also, which one of the two do YOU wish to be perceived as?

               A fascination with elegance can be very contagious if given a chance... so, put aside your laziness and stand out (in a positive way) from the rest of the sloppy, lazy and unimpressive groups of people that seem to have taken over the once elegantly dressed men and women of previous times! So, join me on my attempt on bringing back the elegance in fashion and be sure to let your inner Grace or Audrey shine through! Also, be sure and always opt for fashion over sloppiness... and most importantly... stay fabulous inside and out! ;)


               Also, before you go away, be sure and check out this amazing article and video link (shared by a beautiful family friend) about just how much culture has really dressed down!


Have a restful night, my lovelies! <3 xoxoxo

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